What Is Alpaca Finance?

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Remember the yield farming heat leading by Compound on the Ethereum Blockchain during the DeFi Summer, when Projects bootstrap their liquidity and acquire new users? Alpaca Finance tries to provide value to the Binance Smart Chain community through leveraged yield farming.



As a user, you can participate in Alpaca Finance in three different ways:


  • Lender

Alpaca Finance allows you to earn income on your base assets by depositing them into our vaults. These assets will then be offered to yield farmers for leveraging up their positions.‌


  • Yield farmer: 

As a farmer, you can earn a higher yield by opening a leveraged position on Alpaca Finance. Of course, this comes with bigger risks: liquidation, impermanent loss, etc.‌

Now the leverage yield farming has already gone live. At launch, five PCS pools will be supported: CAKE-BNB (2.5x), BTCB-BNB(3x), ETH-BNB(3x), BNB-BUSD(3x), and USDT-BUSD(6x). The strategy will stake LP tokens in CAKE pools on your behalf and auto-compound CAKE rewards for you to maximize your returns.


  • Liquidator

The 4 available staking pools are ALPACA-wBNB LP Tokens, ibBNB, ibBUSD, sALPACA.



Want to invest in $ALPACA? Check the Alpaca Finance data dashboard for your trading analysis.

Both the users and transactions started to drop after hitting a peak at the beginning of March. So does the $ALPACA token price. From the charts above, you can find that the $ALPACA token price has a high correlation with the protocol’s users and transactions, just like we mentioned in 6 Indicators for Trading BSC DeFi Tokens - Boost Your Trading Profit


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