What Is All the BUZZi About the New Content Marketing World?

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How much time do you spend on your phone every day just to buy stuff? You’re probably just like us — a lot — from Amazon to Etsy, all we need to do is check out other people’s reviews and hit the “buy now” button. It’s indeed fast and convenient.


Today, with so many comments and reviews online, and not to mention, influencer blogs and newsletters (thinking of GP’s goop right now), it has changed the way consumers discover new products. However, there is no efficient solution for users to shop from this type of content. And creators are not always fairly rewarded for the influence their content creates. 


Here comes BUZZi.


What is BUZZi?

Based on the Steem blockchain, BUZZi is an incentivized product review platform allowing content creators to share their experiences of using the product and also consumers will be able to purchase the product that creators share about directly from the retailer sites.


Right now you can find BUZZi on Google Play and start buzzing on the go. 


A new way to connect and benefit shoppers and content creators

Here are all the perks of using BUZZi:


1. You can earn rewards: Commission Rewards and Steem Rewards.


Commission Rewards: BUZZi has partnered with key retailers that allow us to receive a commission for every sale generated from the content on our platform. Similar to an affiliate program we will reward content creators with a commission for any revenue generated from their content. Some of our partner retailers include Best Buy, Target, and Coupang (Korea’s largest e-commerce platform), and many more to come!  


The more participation and content from our users will increase e-commerce transactions through BUZZi. This will lead to more commission from our retail partners that we will convert from fiat to Steem. By converting fiat to Steem we are increasing the demand for Steem which will increase its value, thus benefiting the Steem ecosystem.


Steem Rewards Pool: Similar to other Steem based applications and websites we will reward creators with Steem for any engagement on their posts.


2. Share product reviews


Creators can provide honest product reviews to help our community members find the right product for them. BUZZi has made it simple to rate the quality of the product, the price, and add pros/cons just by answering a few questions with a tap or a swipe. 


3. Shoppable Content


All content is linked to a product and shoppable, making it easy for anyone to purchase a product directly from content. Just click on the content to go to the retail site and purchase the product. 


4. Discover New Products


The Discover section is made for users to find and purchase the most trusted and valuable products used by the BUZZi community based on their interests.


A step-by-step guide of how to use BUZZi

It’s easy to use BUZZi dapp. 


If you are a content creator: 


Step 1: Click on the “Create” button.


Step 2: Search for the product you want to link to. You can: 

  • Search by entering product keywords in the search bar

  • Search by selecting a retailer

  • Enter your own product URL



Step 3: Select and link your product to your post.

Step 4: Upload a photo or video. 


Step 5: Write your product review

Step 6:  Rate the product and share your post!


If you’re a regular shopper: 


Step 1: Click on a post for a product you are interested in.


Step 2: Click on the “Go To Product” button to see more information about the product. 


Step 3: Click on the “Purchase From Store” button to go to the retail site and make your purchase!




BUZZI is currently in beta and will only be providing STEEM rewards. We will be getting commission rewards very soon after the beta launch.  


If you’d like to know more about BUZZi, they are having a rewards event where it will reward all the top creators and popular posts every week for the month of September.


Happy BUZZing! 

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