5 Reasons Every Digital Marketer Should Be Incredibly Excited About AdEx Network

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According to Hootsuite’s 2018 report, more than 4 billion people using the internet and 3 billion are social media users. 99% of the businesses definitely want to build their audiences online and digital marketing certainly can help them leverage social media and online advertising to get massive amounts of attention. But, here come the problems with today’s online advertising world: ad fraud, lack of transparency, invasion of privacy, and indirectness of the relationship between publisher and advertiser.


The AdEx Network team believes that blockchain technology is the way to solve those problems and that’s why they’ve been building the AdEx protocol to end digital ad fraud.


“With estimates of 30% to 50% lost to ad fraud globally, online advertising has become a wasteful, broken ecosystem. We’re actively working to change this.” — The AdEx Network Team


What Is AdEx Network? 

AdEx Network is an open-source protocol for digital advertising that reduces ad fraud, malvertising and protects user privacy. Two years ago, the team started building the project as a decentralized ad exchange for digital advertising, and later evolved into the full-stack solution as AdEx today — AdEx can be implemented in any blockchain because of the Substrate and Polkadot layer.


AdEx's mission is to create a new standard in digital advertising: by introducing real-time tracking and reporting directly accessible to each advertiser and publisher, helping both sides to maximize the financial gain, and no more intermediaries. 


Why Digital Marketer Should Be Excited About the Platform? 

For the first time, publisher and advertiser can work in an environment of 100% transparency and trust on AdEx. 


  1. Transparency: Full reporting transparency for publishers and advertisers and make sure they both receive the same real-time reports. 

  2. No intermediaries: Connect publishers and advertisers as directly as possible to maximize results and revenues. When an impression occurs, the publisher is paid directly by the advertiser. Also, it minimized fees and no commissions. 

  3. Data privacy: Never collecting user’s data and 100% GDPR compliant

  4. Censorship resistance: A free and self-governed ad market with no centralized restrictions on what can and can't be advertised.

  5. No custodian required: Users have full control over their own funds. The network doesn’t act as a payment processor, so no additional fees are accumulated.


The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Plus, the micropayments work for publishers and advertisers. 


How to Create an Advertising Campaign on AdEx Network? 

Step 1: Go to and click “Advertiser”.


Step 2: Click on the “New Campaign” to create a new campaign.


Step 3: Choose an existing ad unit to assign to your campaign — You can easily create one in the “NEW AD UNIT” section by choosing the name and image for your campaign. 


Step 4: Campaign setup: Set the validators, the campaign total budget, CPM price, start and end dates of your campaign. When you click on the dates slots, small calendar will open for you to select dates, then choose “Continue”. 


For now you have one option for advertising platform validator and one for publisher platform validator. Very soon you’ll be able to choose among different validators.


Step 5: Preview and save your campaign. Before save the campaign, you can choose to go “BACK” to update it. 


The campaign will be up and running whenever the start date is set!


Step 6: If you want to check out all your campaigns, go to the dashboard and click “Campaigns”.


The AdEx platform is still invite-only at the moment. So if you're a digital marketer and you'd like to give it a try, write a simple message to [email protected], and the team will get back to you shortly! 

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