What Is a Dapp?

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Ever since cryptocurrencies hit the market a few years back, people have been talking about dapps. So, what exactly is dapp? Dapp stands for decentralized applications run on a P2P network of computers rather than a single computer. It connects users and developers directly, which can be used for solving day to day problems that surround us.

In order for the people to get a taste of what dapps are, we held an event, My Dapp Story Twitter and Facebook Giveaway, which asked people to share their first experience with dapps, or their understanding on what is dapp.

The event had generated a huge buzz around the public. Taking a look on our Twitter, the posts has received over 1.4k likes and 100 retweets. The resounding success all thanks to an amazing potential which the dapp has. In this article, we shall be discussing seven of the very best highlights which occurred during the event. They are as follows:

Story #1: A #dappstory was told at a LEGO shop!


This is one of the most interesting moments of the event. In the video, you can see that founder of Dapp.comKyle Lu was standing in front of a LEGO shop. He began to explain the difference between a dapp and an ordinary app all with the help of simple LEGO bricks and pieces.

He further explained the difference between the two in terms of the back-end interface. With the help of the blocks, he explained how a dapp is run by a mechanism which is open source whereas the ordinary app runs on a backend interface which is hidden.

Story #2: A journey in cryptocollectibles (so far)

Another notable moment as part of the #dappstory event was one by @Jihoz_Axie from Axie Infinity. In his story, he mentions how he failed in his earlier days and then slowly made his way into the world of decentralized gaming. Over the years, he amassed tons of Kitties tokens as part of the CryptoKitties platform. The entire article was very inspiring and would certainly prove as a source of inspiration to enter the world of dapps.

Story#3: Let @Enisshkurti tells how the dapp works

The My Dapp story by Enis Shkurti from Fundition served its purpose as a go through which explained to inexperienced users about the working of dapps and of course about the working of cryptocurrencies as well. He also mentions the benefit of using decentralized apps by removing intermediates in the middle all thanks to the use of smart contracts. Here is one highlight from his article:

“Blockchain aims to make everything public for each person, for each transactions, and the decentralization wants to remove the intermediaries in between with the power of smart contracts”.

Meanwhile, as a supporter of Dapp.com and a dapp developer, Enis has explained to his readers about what is Dapp.com and his experience with it. We are very honored to have his support and encouragement. Welcome to check out the page of his dapp, Fundition, on our site.

Story #4:The VICE News Tonight show?


Hey, is that the VICE News Tonight show? Why are we watching this “educational” video? Oh wait, it’s a show from CCW — Cloudwhite Whale’s YouTube channel and he’s talking about his #dappstory — when has he was obsessed with the crypto game. “I was hooked.” Cloudwhite Whale was wearing a grey t-shirt and he’s looking at the camera, and telling us a story, very very sincerely.

It was just an ordinary story. A boy saw a CryptoKitties from a video, and started to dig into the crypto world — set up his account on Coinbase, got wallets…“And then something sorta magical happened at that time…,” “I felt like a victory and felt like a kid from an elite club.” Since then, he has been playing around with crypto games and transforming his career a little bit to a YouTuber. Magical, but it’s also relatable to everyone who’s been struggling with getting a wallet, waiting on processing the transaction, figuring out how to trade your first collectable. It’s not his story, it’s our story.

Sotry#5: A cat named Dracula

This is a My Dapp story posted as a Facebook photo with a cat and its owner, Bobby Venomic. Bobby’s first experience with a Dapp was playing Decentraland. As a person who is very interested in a decentralized VR world, he wrote about this experience with a blog post. He eventually joined the slack channel of Decentraland, spoke to the founders, and then started learning more about decentralized apps. However, the moment he felt a real connection to dapps was when he bought a CryptoKittie named after his cat who died a few years ago, Dracula. This post was a lovely way of showing the love which Bobby shared with his cat.

Moreover, Bobby also shareed his unique perspectives to explain the concept of dapp to his mom - “Hey mom member when I used to collect comic books and action figures? Well its kinda like that but now its not taking up any space in the house. Also look how cute these cats are.”

Story #6: Do we need a God?

In this tweet, @catcreators talks on how he can explain the concept of decentralized apps to people who have built their entire life around the belief of god and even with the concept of a centralized government. Such beliefs have been put into place for century’s all together and hence, @catcreators would find it hard to convince them that they won’t be needing it anymore.

Story #7: A “gold day” in Turkey

Another hilarious My Dapp story was by @bitcean. This story is between a child and a mother. The child asks his mom to imagine Dapp as the gold days which is nothing but an event in Turkey where women go to each other and finally, give either money or gold. Furthermore, there is no authority controlling it and is completely transparent.

Thanks for also letting us know what a “gold day” in Turkey is!

More stories, more memes!

Once the My Dapp Story event opened up, there has been a huge number of online memes in circulation. People have posted hilarious memes to portray certain funny Dapp related situations they faced. Here are a few memes that will make you roll with laughter!

| When moms try to understand Dapp!

| Dapp is a part of the evolution:

| When you try to act clueless about the dapp:

|A good way to introduce Dapp to your mom:

| An introduction from a gameaholic, though a dapp is more than just gaming:

Final Thoughts

These were just a few of them amongst a whole list of exciting moments which took place during the event. These were more dapp stories which we felt interesting. If you are interested, you can search #dappstory on social platforms. If you want to know more about dapps, please follow us on Twitteror Facebook, or register on our site.

Thank you so much for your involvement and participation!

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