Welcome to the IOST Dapp Rankings v1.4!

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Welcome to the IOST Dapp Rankings v1.4!

On a bi-weekly basis, Q (the dapp lead at Sutler Ventures) will release his latest rankings of dapps within the IOST network. The list includes a ranking from A-F (A being best, F being worst). Users are encouraged to forward dapps they believe should be reviewed and ranked, as well as comment on the existing rankings.

*None of the following content should be construed as financial, investment, legal, or any other type of advice. Users should do their own research before interacting or investing in any type of blockchain/cryptocurrency project.


Please check out IOST Dapp Rankings (v1.3) to see changes from last update!

A Tier:


Two weeks after releasing the Guppys dashboard, IOSTPlay has released yet ANOTHER feature to their platform. A TRX integration means they can access an entirely new set of users using the exact same front end, albeit still under the name IOSTPlay (I searched and could not find a TRONPlay).

The team also boasts one of the largest and most active telegram groups network wide. All other dApps are currently trailing the King of IOST. 


PureWallet *NEW*

I did not see this coming. In its first week on our Dapp Rankings, PureWallet (from IOSTABC), has already supplanted TokenPocket as my new favorite IOST Wallet. The wallet creation was simple, free, and felt clean to use. Inside the dapp, the news dashboard curates IOST-only news instead of cryptocurrency wide and the dapp explorer is broken down into defined categories that make the discovery process as good as it gets. Bravo, IOSTABC.


TokenPocket -1  

Can we still be friends, TokenPocket? The former top dog still hasn’t re-appeared in my iOS App Store and the dapp explorer leaves something to be desired. However, they are still one of the absolute best when it comes to offering wallet services across a variety of different networks and I wouldn’t count this large team out from releasing unique features in the near future.

B Tier:

Endless Dice +1

Endless has made its way back to the front of the rest of the pack through consistent performance. I wrote in a recent ICO Alert article that across the “Big 3” networks (ETH, EOS, TRON) the average $/user (7d) was $161. Any average below $5/user or above $1,500/user was an outlier and statistics shown should be put into question. Endless sits at $42/user (7d) so I’d like to possibly see that average come closer to the $161/user average across all networks before I raise it above B-Tier.



The lone DEX on IOST is picking up some steam. IOSTDEX has increased both its volume ($79.2k 7d) and user base (521 7d) over the past month and will look to continue to do so with the continuous addition of popular tokens on the IOST mainnet. 



I said this last week, and it still applies:

I don’t know what I’d do without iWallet. No other browser alternative has sprung up from in or outside the ecosystem. Cheers to the developers on this one.

Guppys *NEW*

From the IOSTPlay team, Guppys allows for both collateralized IOST borrowing and IOST lending that earns iPlay at a currently reported rate of 42.15% APY. The team is quickly growing out the Play ecosystem, and Guppys is a welcome DeFi addition to the IOST ecosystem.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it looks like the TRONVegas empire isn’t going to be a quick build on IOST either. The IOSTVegas team is as active as any on the network and constant house giveaways, mining increase events, and house edge reductions provide a good avenue for the platform to increase its user base.



It’s looking more and more like CoboWallet is positioning itself as a staking pool dapp, where users can use their dashboard to discover new staking opportunities and vote for Cobo’s node/validator on that network. I’ll give the service a try in the next two weeks, but until then they’ll remain where they are.


IOSTWin +1

IOSTWin makes its way into B-tier with a solid user (5.2k 7d) and volume ($107k 7d) growth, making it one of the largest gambling platforms on the network. A rate of $20/user (7d) is fairly low and I’d like to see that average increase to a healthier level. 


Liebi Pool -1
I was JUST about to move Liebi Pool up to A-Tier when I checked on my now 10,250 VOST and realized the updated APR return decreased from between 21-24% to 15%, putting its return at not much higher than 1% of any other mid to large size block producer (and that’s without Contribution Reward bonus). Instant unstaking is still a legitimate feature but you do so at the risk of holding VOST tokens and not IOST. 


C Tier:



I said this last week, and it still applies:

The IOSTVoter tool, also from Liebi, seems redundant. There are other (better) options for viewing and voting for BPs on our network. 



Against all odds GAMEADC continues to survive, albeit with a small user base (63 7d). A $206/user (7d) average is also a very healthy level, indicating that they have a small but dedicated group of players.

D Tier:


Mango Dice 

Rage, rage against the dying of the light, MangoDice.


Crypto Ninja -1

Another two weeks with sub 5user/7day and CryptoNinja will likely find itself dropping another tier, or off my rankings completely. 

F Tier:


IOSTJoy -1

Oh what might have been. IOSTJoy finds itself in imminent danger due to no sign of any user base whatsoever. A good dapp idea, but the execution and effort simply was not there. 

Removed from Rankings:

Liar Game


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