Welcome to the IOST Dapp Rankings v1.5!

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Welcome to the IOST Dapp Rankings v1.5!

On a bi-weekly basis, Q (the dapp lead at Sutler Ventures) will release his latest rankings of dapps within the IOST network. The list includes a ranking from A-F (A being best, F being worst). Users are encouraged to forward dapps they believe should be reviewed and ranked, as well as comment on the existing rankings.

*None of the following content should be construed as financial, investment, legal, or any other type of advice. Users should do their own research before interacting or investing in any type of blockchain/cryptocurrency project.


Please check out IOST Dapp Rankings (v1.4) to see changes from last update!

A Tier:


After integrating TRX into the platform a few weeks ago it’s been a quiet month from the IOSTPlay team, most likely indicating that Guppys has taken a front seat on the dev team’s priority list. Still, the platform has remained relatively strong compared to its peers in both users and volume on 7d and 30d charts.

Side note: It’s safe to say that IOSTPlay has some of the most loyal (read: vicious) telegram user bases I’ve ever seen. I’ll have fun dropping the rankings to them in the future, and I fear for my safety if/when IOSTPlay ever gets dethroned…. 



Still my favorite wallet on the IOST network at the moment. The IOST-only news dashboard needs to make a comeback, as it seems that feature went stale on 5/12/2019. Simple and free account set up for new users, a clean dashboard, and a categorized dApp explorer keep PW at the top.


Still a great wallet for IOST, and a big player in the industry, but when will the wallet be live on iOS AppStore? It was also surprising to see the team fall out of the Tier-1 node rankings for Contribution Rewards in Q2, so I look forward to a great response from the team in the coming months.

iWallet +1

Welcome to A-Tier, iWallet!

Almost all of the dApps I interact with on a weekly basis are through iWallet integration. The service it provides is invaluable to both desktop users, and the IOST network as a whole.  

B Tier:



The volume of the lone decentralized exchange on IOST has dipped over the past 7 days (mirroring most of the ecosystem currently), but users have remained steady. Both metrics will rise as the IOST network is built out, but the team had better work day and night on UX/UI or a competitor is bound to take its place.


Guppys allows for both collateralized IOST borrowing and IOST lending that earns iPlay. The team recently ran a promotion offering 70% APY when lending IOST, VOST, and iTRX for a limited time, as well as a 5% iPlay airdrop for each loan done during that period. Keep a lookout for these deals from the team in the future.

IOSTWin +1

IOSTWin continues its ascent in B-tier, this time off the back of solid 7-day user and volume statistics. Also, the rate of $20/user (per 7d) has increased to around $38/user (per 7d) which is still fairly low, but that increase seems healthy. 



IOSTVegas remains put with decent 7-day user and volume stats. The team teased a release of their new slot game on their Twitter page, so we will see the effect of these releases and giveaways over the coming two weeks.



From the last post: It’s looking more and more like CoboWallet is positioning itself as a staking pool dApp, where users can use their dashboard to discover new staking opportunities and vote for Cobo’s node/validator on that network. I’ll give the service a try in the next two weeks, but until then they’ll remain where they are.


BlockArcade *NEW*

The games on IOST are getting consistently better as time goes on, and BlockArcade is a testament to that fact. Coming out of the gates, the team has released one of my favorite arcade games of all-time, a blockstacking game called StackWave. Basically, you are betting (min.10 IOST) that you can time the stacking of blocks to a certain level, at which point you can choose to win 1.2x your bet or continue on to try for the tougher task of stacking to the max jackpot.

Liebi Pool
After the recent APY drop from 24% to 15%, I used the instant redeem (unstaking) to trade my VOST for IOST. The process worked, however, the fee was far larger (14%) than I had anticipated. The service is still great if you’d like to have the instant redeem feature for your tokens.


Endless Dice -1

At the current time, I don’t trust the Endless platform or service. Users from certain countries were apparently blocked without notice, EndlessDice public Telegram group was changed to allow only team announcements, and JustGame seems to be a clear attempt to profit off a product from TEAM JUST. The user and volume statistics are still important to the ecosystem, until which time they are proven to not be transparent, which I don’t foresee happening.


HeroRats *NEW*

HeroRats is an (aptly-named) gaming dApp who splits a portion of profits with a charity foundation (Apopo) that helps countries suffering from large quantities of still active landmines to raise money for trained poached rats that are then used for their heightened senses of detection. Currently, the platform offers Minesweeper (of course!) in varying degrees of difficulty where you can bet and win based on completing the map. Also of note, it is technically the first dApp on IOST that supports Paypal AND Credit Card payments. Check out this announcement for an in-depth look at HeroRats.


C Tier:



From the last post: The IOSTVoter tool, also from Liebi, seems redundant. There are other (better) options for viewing and voting for BPs on our network. 


D Tier:



A steep drop in both users and volume leaves GAMEADC in a perilous position. The team will have to innovate quickly if they want the platform to survive.

Mango Dice 

Rage, rage against the dying of the light, MangoDice.

F Tier:


Crypto Ninja

After another two weeks of almost zero user activity, CryptoNinja will likely find itself removed from our rankings soon. 

Removed from Rankings:


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