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2019-11-28 09:10:00 · 2323 views · 4 min read

If you’ve been following our posts recently, you’ve probably seen or heard us talking about the Dapp.com Dapp Store and “possibly a Dapp.com website facelift ”… Today, we’re super excited to finally share Dapp.com Version 4.0 with you. 


Our goal is to build the best platform on the internet to find you a new, cool dapp and enjoy the decentralized technology. In Dapp.com 4.0, more high-quality and promising decentralized applications will be displayed through our curated playlists. Also, Dapp.com will be continually open and have the community involved more in building the dapp ecosystem. Dapp.com 4.0 will be your go-to place for everything dapps.


Here is what to expect from this update:


Official Debut of Dapp.com Dapp Store 

We’ve been talking about all the pain of getting started your dapp journey for way too long and we just tired of talking about it, so we build something for you. The Dapp.com Dapp Store allows you to use any dapps without any hassles and helps you instantly access the dapp and get the most out of the decentralized world. 


Dapp Store will be the one that pushes all of you — and your mom and grandma too, to discover, use, and enjoy all decentralized apps without barriers. 


A Brand New Homepage 

As you can see, we revamped our homepage — it’s about more than just who has the best performance in the dapp world. In our new 4.0 homepage, you'll find the latest dapps you can play directly on Dapp Store, awesome new dapps, trending industry news, and of course the market overview, all within one place. Also, you’ll find cool Playlists to follow, upcoming events, and popular campaigns you might have missed. 


The new homepage will surface more dapp-related things that you love and help navigate the “dapp stuff” if you just find out dapp and curious about what on earth dapps are. 


Playlists with Editor’s Choice

Keeping track of all the cool dapps from various blockchains is a lot of work, so we did it for you. In the playlists, we hand-picked all the best, useful, and fresh dapps that developed by dapp creators across all the blockchain communities. You’ll see the selections of fresh dapps by category and deep cuts chosen just for you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy them.


360° Market Overview and Report

If you’re curious about the dapp market, our new Market page will be the place for you, whatever you’re an industry analyst or a dapp noob, you can always find useful data there. Not just the daily, monthly stats, we also add Dapp Market Report to the Market, so you’ll find the most comprehensive data, dive deep into the highlights of the dapp market with insights. And the best part, we bring all the comprehensive data and insight more conveniently for you, so you can download the report there, for free! 

Demystifying the decentralized technology is our mission since the day one we started the Dapp.com, and so is helping and inspiring developers and users to embrace this exciting new space with confidence. And that’s what the Dapp.com 4.0 is about. We hope you enjoy our new site!


So, please go look around and let us know what you think! 

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