Top Blockchain Games and NFT Marketplaces on WAX

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We’ve explained why WAX is the most-watched blockchain for Games and NFTs. So in this session, let’s have a closer look at the top games and NFT marketplace on WAX. They are the projects that make WAX’s achievements so far possible.



Game: Prospectors

Prospectors ranks NO.4 in the Game category by 7d users



Imagine you wake up to find yourself in the gold rush times of the 19th century, and gold becomes the basis for economic relations with others. This is the background of Prospectors.



Prospectors is a massively multiplayer online real-time economic strategy (MMORTES) game. The game world is grounded in the real economic model and functions due to free-market laws. Players have access to resources, land, and tools. They pay taxes to the State for land use and commercial activity. The players can team up in unions and commercial organizations for communication and more efficient work. These payments fuel the development of Prospectors game world.



All game activity happens within the project’s smart contract, and all the assets owned by you, are secured to you on the blockchain. 



Prospectors migrated to WAX from EOS blockchain for a better user interface. You can sign up a WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW) with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Steam, VK, Discord, Reddit, Twitch, KakaoTalk, Line, Github, or email. It reduces the complicated process before you get access to games, and shortens the way to start entertaining.



Mine, build, produce, trade, unite, and earn. Choose your way to become rich, and enjoy amazing gaming experience in Prospectors.



Marketplace for NFTs: ToppsGPK, GPK.Market, SimpleMarket 

ToppsGPK, GPK.Market, SimpleMarket ranks NO.2, NO.3 and NO.8 in the Marketplace category by 7d users



For the first time ever, collectors can buy, gift, and trade Topps digital trading cards on the blockchain, to be specific, the WAX Blockchain, starting with the pop culture phenomenon Garbage Pail Kids. Created in 1985, the gross-out humor and subversive attitude appealed to the kids of the time and quickly became a massive success.



Just like the way you deal with real cards in hand, you can trade your digital NFT cards with others, showcase your inventory on social media, and gift your cards to a friend.



The 3 marketplaces, ToppsGPK, GPK.Market, SimpleMarket, are the major and most convenient marketplaces to buy and sell digital GPK cards.



You can purchase a card pack from ToppsGPK shop, then open the pack to receive your cards. The new series of GPK card packages sold out in just 28 hours. If you missed out on the pack sale, don't worry. You can still buy these cards on secondary marketplaces, GPK.Market or SimpleMarket. For all the 3 marketplaces, you can log in with your WCW, visit the market, select your cards, and complete the purchase with WAX Tokens.



By the way, the “GPK Goes Exotic” series of digital trading card packs worth $204,800 sold out in just over 1 hour, proving how promising the NFT market is on WAX.




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