Warm-Up with Fall New Dapps

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Hello November! 


There're only two months left in this decade, can’t you believe it? Do you think blockchain technology deserves to be one of the greatest achievements of the decade? Leave your comments here and let us know your thoughts.


And the highlight of the day — today is National Candy Day, so we’re bringing you a tasty treat in the article! 


Below, a roundup of the new dapps for you to try out this week. 


Candy Pop Duel: Just like Candy Crush, but on the blockchain

Bye bye, productivity! Because the classic candy crush is back (sort of) and it just gets a crypto flavor — now it’s sweeter than ever with additional EOS prize! 


As the sequel to the popular Solitaire Duel series, Candy Pop Duel is a simple yet addictive 1-on-1 game that all you have to do is match three candies of the same color. Easy, right? Yes, but except you need to beat your opponent with a higher score, which means you will have to level up your skills and be strategic in how you move the candies around. 


Also, there’re different channels with a variety of payouts. For example, you pay 0.0006 EOS to join Wood channel and play the game, you will get 0.001 EOS if you win that round. And maybe that's why Candy Pop Duel is not just the game that you can play while waiting for the train, but also it keeps you coming back for more EOS! 

Inner Peace: Your private gratitude journal

Mindfulness app is trending in a big way and Inner Peace is the first one that built on the blockchain (as far as we know), focusing on helping you find time to clam and unwind your mind. And most importantly, it respects your privacy. 


Inner Peace lives up to its name — it allows you to rethink and recharge through journaling "in your own comfort zone" (in their words). It guides you to think about questions like “An experience I’m grateful for...” and reminds you to be more mindful. 


Unlike other Blockstack apps, Inner Peace comes with a mobile app. You can find Inner Peace on Google Play and use it whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. 


Gratitude Journaling is a journal of things for which one is grateful. Counting one's blessings helps us rewire our inner self and gives us a fresh positive outlook towards life.” — Poonam, the dapp builder of Inner Peace

Mumble: Encrypted text and voice chat for communities

When it comes to building a community, you probably think about using Telegram, Discord, WeChat, or Slack. Unfortuenly, those are not as secure as you think. 


Mumble is a Blockstack-based, fully encrypted text and voice server that helps you bring people together and empower each other through communication. 


You will find Mumble is very easy to use if you’re already familiar with apps like Discord. After login with your Blockstack ID, you can choose to create public or private community servers and channels. In the channels, the community members can send encrypted text and voice messages, share encrypted files, and no one can censor all the conversations. And the best part (yes, there’re more!)? You will get tipped by bitcoin every time you contribute valuable content to the community!   

ChainGuardians: A blockchain game where crypto meets anime

Are you a fan of the crypto collectible game and also love anime? Chain Guardians will be the game with gorgeous animations that you shouldn’t miss. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, guardians are forming alliances, battling rivals and fighting for survival. Each character is an ERC-721 token with special mining capabilities and other unique skills.


The game is soon to be launched and we hope it will spark your anime and crypto interests! 


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