You Decide The Next Listing Blockchain!

2020-08-04 09:50:00 · 13929 views · 4 min read community, it’s your turn to decide which blockchain has the potential and deserves attention. Now you are all invited to vote for the next listing blockchain on!



Congratulations to our winner McashChain!



It received the most votes and will be the next blockchain to list on



5 Days: 4th Aug to 9th Aug 2020


The nominee blockchain who receives the most votes will get listed on 



  1. Mcashchain

Zero fee, lightning speed blockchain protocol that enables frictionless digital economy.


  1. Ontology

Redefine trust, a blockchain for self-sovereign ID and data.


  1. Waves

Open blockchain protocol and development toolset for Web 3.0 app and decentralized solutions.


  1. NULS

Open-source blockchain platform that features microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability.


  1. VeChain

Public blockchain solving real-world economic problems.




To Vote:

  • Click “Write Comment” button below;

  • Write down your choice and reason;

  • You could only choose one blockchain.


What’s The Benefit of Getting Listed on


Being the largest platform with credibility, will help the listed blockchain to get a great amount of exposure to the blockchain community continuously.

  • The new blockchain listed will be shown on homepage and ranking page with 100% guaranteed display to all users of

  • Quarterly Dapp Market Report to include the new listed blockchain data and share with world-class blockchain media.



Now it’s time for you to vote!



Click the “Write Comment” button below, write down your choice and reason. Help your favorite blockchain get listed on your homepage of blockchain!



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