Enjoy Vexanium Dapps and Win 100,000 VEX

2020-03-11 21:00:00 · 6828 views · 5 min read


Want to try something new and make some extra lucky money by the way?

Here is what you can miss!


🎊To celebrate Vexanium being listed as the 11th blockchain on Dapp.com

🙌🏻We are hosting the Enjoy Dapps and Win 100,000 VEX quiz contest for Vexanium!



Enjoy The Dapps and Win


Total 100,000 Vex Airdrop


20 winners in total, 5 winners/per day


Each Winner Get 5000 Vex



How to join


EACH DAY  from March 12 to 15,


A Topic Related to a Certain Vexanium Dapp Will Be Released.



Step 1

Follow us on this page or our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Telegram) to find the daily updated topic related to Vexanium Dapps.



Step 2

Share your user review on dapp.com on the certain Vex dapp page through Rating and Reviews.

(Every day we will announce the topic, together with the link to write reviews on this page and also on our social media)



Step 3

Share your opinion again on Twitter through Commentor on Facebook through Share.



Notice: You must share your review BOTH on the Vex dapp page and Twitter/Facebook to join!




We will daily announce the best 5 winners and contact the total 20 winners 3 days after the campaign end.



For daily question update, follow us on


Twitter: @dapp_com

Facebook: @dappcom

Telegram Group: https://t.me/dapp_com




Topic Question



Day 1

March 12th


Topic: What Makes You Choose VDice Over Other Dice Games?


Review here and on Twitter/Facebook



Crypto Dapp







Day 2

March 13th


Topic: Which Functions You Use Most in BasicDEX: Trade, Token Swap or List Your Dapp Token?


Review here and on Twitter/Facebook




Robi Awwal






Day 3

March 14th


Topic: What Is The Win Chance You Usually Use When Playing Fly Dice?


Review here and on Twitter/Facebook





maria crypto

Sandrina ap




Day 4

March 15th


Topic: Share One Of The Best Experience Playing Crazydog


Review here and on Twitter/Facebook



cryto games


Yudi bangun


Baraya csi



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