Turn the Web into Non-Fungible Tokens

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MarbleCards is a crypto collectible card game in which you can turn anything on the web like an article, video and etc that has a URL into non-fungible tokens based on ERC-721 standard.


Each marble card you create with a URL is unique and has different art patterns. Marble patterns are based on different factors such as content popularity and site quality. That is to say, you can create more attractive and valuable cards by finding popular contents and marbling their link if they have not been marbled yet.


For now, you can only marble URLs found at certain supported websites such as Medium, OpenSea, and KnowYourMeme. Let's find an interesting web page and marble it.


How to Create a Marble Card — a Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to your MetaMask account. If you don't have MetaMask account yet, you can refer to this guide to install MetaMask on your browser.


You need at least 0.013 ETH (0.011 ETH + gas fee) in your MetaMask wallet to use to create a card.


Step 2: Go to MarbleCards with MetaMask enabled on your browser and accept connect request on the MetaMask notification. After that, different buttons will appear on the header. Click on ''CREATE NEW CARD'' button:

Step 3: Find a popular content and check availability of the web page you wish to marble.

You will be surprised by the fact that many popular pages on the supported websites have already been turned into Marble cards. But, finding a popular page is essential for creating valuable cards, so you should always look for already popular pages or those which you think in the long term will get lots of views.


When checking the availability, you will also see that some of the marbled links are up for auction:

Step 4: After deciding on the web page which is still available, click on the button ''Create This Card''. You create the card and initiate the auction with only 0.011 ETH. If no one buys in the auction, it will be your own. If someone buys the card, you get 30% creator reward. You can also buy it yourself as the creator and get 30% discount.

Step 5: Confirm the transaction to create your card.

After the transaction is confirmed, you can see the auction you initiated under my collection menu. The auction starts at 2 ETH and lasts for 10 hours, if no one buys the card during the auction, you can take it with a final MetaMask transaction that only requires gas. You can see the card we created at this link here


Value of Marble cards

Now the question comes up: Do these cards have any real value? According to the team, the platform addresses 3 different factors which are believed to provide value for crypto collectibles: scarcity, utility, and aesthetics which can be seen as ''utility in the scarcity''.


The rarity and aesthetics of the cards come from unique URLs and generative arts patterns, and the utility is provided by the platform where internet links can be collected using blockchain technology.


Johan Unger, Co-Founder of MarbleCards says:

‘’Imagine investing in the song of an upcoming band or an indie game developer and then get rewarded when they grow in popularity and for spreading the word about them. That is the type of platform we are building.’’


Considering the plans of the team and with other mechanisms in the game such as generation and card levels, MarbleCards can be a successful decentralized platform with a specific use case of NFTs.

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