Trick 'r Treat - Your Spooky Crypto Games for Halloween

2018-10-29 04:55:15 · 1426 views · 5 min read

Scare, or be scared. For this terrifying season check out our list of top 10 crypto games to sink your sharp claws into. We have everything you need from the darkness consumed Cutieland to crazy parties in MyEosVegas. Nothing will get in the way of your crypto fix, not even zombies.

1. Axie Infinity

Just surpassed 30,000 battles with more than 929 ETH worth of P2P sales made on the game’s marketplace, Axie Infinity is releasing a Halloween battlefield this season. Here is a sneak peek of Axie’s spooky battleground. Head over to their website and discord to find out more.

Image by Axie Infinity


2. ExoPlanets

ExoPlanets is getting into the Halloween spirit by having a pumpkin carving competition where you can win this unique and exclusive pumpkin planet. Not only is it unique in its looks, but it is also a super planet with 17% life rate and is matched with Bitcoin Cash (because it is trying to trick you into thinking it’s Bitcoin, Exoplanet is also trick or treating!)

You probably can’t wait to participate, so go check out their site now.

Image by ExoPlanet


3. Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is gearing up for Halloween as cuties have gone from cute to “terrifying”. Cuties will have to build a better Spirit World for themselves in phase one. While in the second phase, cuties will enter the Spirit World with even more blood-chilling content and extra adventures.

The event has already started. Get in here now before it’s too late!

Image by Blockchain Cuties


4. 0xUniverse

Are you brave enough to take on a dangerous mission and venture out into the cold depths of space? 0xUniverse's Halloween contest has started! What will the prize be for our fearless winner? A special Legendary Pumpkin! Hurry as the contest ends on October 31.

No more spoilers, join the contest and may the Void God bless your path!

Image by 0xUniverse


5. Etheremon

In this Halloween Season, Etheremon has a mission for you - Revive the Dead! A special Wisp called Spookaboo found in adventure mode has the power to revive "Dead" Mons and only 7 Spookaboos can be found.

According to Etheremon’s co-founder Nedrick, this will be the one and only Halloween themed opportunity to revive a Mon. So what are you waiting for? Go catch the Spookaboo now!


Image by Etheremon


6. Hedgie

What is the scariest monster … a hedgie? That’s right. Hallow Hedgie is just as fearsome as the monster. Hear the names: Franken-Hedgie, Dracula Hedgie, Pumpkinhead Hedgie, Zombie Hedgie… Do you want more? Go to to own 1 (or 2) of 24 special Hallow Hedgie Collection. If you dare!


Image by Hedgie


7. Crypto_Puzzles

It's puzzle time! Looking for fun and exciting puzzle games to keep the party going? Crypto_Puzzles got you covered. They have a variety of Halloween puzzles for you to choose from. Plus, you will have the chance to win cryptocurrencies!


Image by CryptoPuzzles


8. MyEosVegas

Speaking of the Halloween party, what else you can play besides the puzzle game? How about have some fun in a casino? Welcome to MyEosVegas! They have Halloween super promo right now and 100 EOS for grabs. Let’s get the party started!


Image by MyEosVegas


9. CryptoMiner World

Cute Gem now wants you to scream! CMW will be releasing not 1 but 3 custom Halloween Gems and those gems will have special gameplay bonuses! Go to CryptoMiner World and find out more. Here’s a little sneak peek into one of the special Gems - the Pirate Garnet:


Image by CryptoMiner World


10. CryptoKitties

Last but not least, here comes one of our favorites - CryptoKitties. Want to get yourself into a purrfect Halloween spirit? Go breed your very own Stitches now!

Image by CryptoKitties


Still not enough? Or you have any other games to recommend? Leave your comments below.

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