TRON TRC Token Tracking and Price Indicator

2020-04-07 07:30:00 · 5250 views · 5 min read


Two weeks ago, we launched 2 new functions--added ERC-20 token tracking for Ethereum dapps and dapp token price analytics



Utilizing these 2 new features, we shared 7 insights about ERC-20 tokens



We received tons of positive feedbacks from the community - glad to see our users find it helpful!


However, we always want more -



We’ve received a lot of requests all over to expand the new features to other blockchains. And Tron is the Most Wanted



“Tron has the most active gaming dapp ecosystem which perfectly matches the utility of the price indicator function. You just can’t miss it” said by our community. has started tracking TRC tokens and added token price indicator for Tron Dapps. 



1. TRC token tracking (To track TRC token being spent in TRON dapps) is now added to 561 listed TRON dapps on 



2. Dapp token price indicator is available to 13 TRON projects who have its own token. You can discover any token price movements with dapp performance. 






1. TRC-10 and TRC-20 are the top most used token standards. Over 550 different token smart contracts have been implemented on the TRON network according to our data from Tronscan. We can’t miss those pieces to provide a full picture of the TRON dapp ecosystem



2. TRON is the second-largest blockchain ecosystem according to our 2019 Annual Dapp Report. And TRON leads other blockchains in terms of gambling and gaming. Dapp volume is the perfect tool for token trading analysis for these two categories



How To Trigger These Functions?


1. View dapp ranking at or Ranking.


Choose “TRON” blockchain, you will be able to see the data bar for Tron dapps volume.


When you hover on the data bar, you will see the distribution of tokens used in a dapp.


2. You can use the “token” filter to check all the dapps with tokens on Ranking.


3. Click into one of these dapps with a token, you will see the price feature.


Roll down, turn on the “View price” function, you will be able to see the price chart together with the dapp usage chart.


You can compare the changes of price to the dapp’s user, transaction amount and volume.


Take 888TRON as an example, its volume has a sharp decline on 12nd Mar and the 888 token price followed the same drop as well.


Now try it, feel free to explore more and please share your findings here in comments.



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