Tranche Finance Launches As CDOs Spearhead DeFi Growth

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Zug, Switzerland, May 19, 2021 - Tranche Finance is pleased to announce that it has launched its Mainnet today. The Tranche platform is developed by Jibrel, a Swiss-based blockchain development company, aiming to introduce risk management capabilities to DeFi. 



The Tranche protocol integrates with any accrual token, such as AAVE's aTokens or Compound's cTokens, in order to generate two new interest-bearing instruments - a low-risk senior tranche with a fixed rate (Tranche A) and a high-risk junior tranche with a variable rate (Tranche B).



Yazan Barghuthi, CEO and Co-Founder at Jibrel, said:


“While DeFi adoption has grown rapidly over the last few years, a high degree of uncertainty around the validity and security of these protocols still exists. With Tranche, low-risk users can opt for senior tranches, and be confident that their funds are safe in the event of a change in market dynamics or a hack. Those with a higher risk appetite can deposit into junior tranches and maximize their returns.”



Furthermore, Tranche is keen to maximize the utility of its SLICE token through 3 staking modules, namely SLICE staking, SLICE-ETH LP staking, and SLICE-DAI LP staking. It enables Tranche to ensure liquidity and incentivize participation in protocol improvements and governance. Users can easily stake these 3 tokens and will receive SLICE rewards on a weekly basis.



Talal Tabbaa, COO and Co-Founder at Jibrel, emphasized that:


“Given the nascency of DeFi protocols, users are mainly trying to maximize returns and experiment with novel financial products and aren't really interested in fixed-rate or stable returns. At Tranche, we've figured out a way (SIRs - Solvency Incentive Ratios) to ensure the system remains solvent while also being financially attractive for crypto degens like myself and most people reading this.”



Tranche is more than just another DeFi platform, the team believes that part of DeFi’s success is how users will be able to manage their crypto portfolio effectively. It all starts with applying the best practices for risk management while earning profits as well. This is what the essence of Tranche is all about: Serving a slice of DeFi for everyone.




About Tranche Finance

Tranche Finance aims to offer risk management for DeFi users to manage their assets while earning interest and rewards through staking SLICE tokens. SLICE is listed on Uniswap, Bittrex, and



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