How to Profits in The Crypto Bear Market? 3 Tips for Traders

2022-06-23 23:15:59 · 469 views · 5 min read


The bull market has gone. Crypto winter is coming.


The LUNA empire fell overnight, and the UST collapse rocked the crypto world. FUD feelings expand as a series of bearish news – Celsius pausingstETH crisis and 3AC margin call, etc.


Nobody knows when the bear will end. But for alpha traders, there still have some methods to gain profits even in a bear market.



Swing Trading by Net Buy Amount Indicator


Crypto prices will always fluctuate. Therefore, swing trading effectively takes short-term profits – buy the dip and sell the rise.


To make your short-term trading more efficient, Candlestick supports real-time live signals of 5mins, 15mins & 1h resolutions.


You can earn daily profits using divergences between the Net Buy indicator and the price, which is an exclusive strategy. Remember to set the resolutions to 5mins, 15mins, or 1h.

  • Entry: price drops, but net buy peaks
  • Exit: price peaks, but net buy turns to negative


Take the HEX token, for example.


Detailed strategies to beat the bear:



Gem Hunting by “Explore” Feature


In the bear market, you will likely wait for ages until mainstream coins return from an epic decline. However, there are crypto gems with outstanding performance waiting for you.


We display six leaderboards on the “Explore” feature page based on our exclusive indicators. As a result, you can find real-time information on crypto gems and what smart money is buying now.


For example, on Jun 10, we monitored $MULTI Net Buy Value increased 364.62%, indicating buyings from Smart Money on decentralized exchanges in the past 1 hour.



Click the $MULTI in the leaderboard and jump to The Net Buy Amount indicator — we quickly knew the Smart Money got $40k $MULTI.



This tutorial gives you step-by-step hunting skills:



Follow Smart Money

In the latest version, we enhanced the Smart Money function. Now we have 1,139 Smart Money addresses, including the most profitable DEX traders, Defi OG and crypto whales, farmers with high win rates, etc.

They are well-informed investors or professionals in the crypto world. So, if you follow their real-time actions, you could get more profits.

For example, we observed Smart Money buy-the-dip in the bear market on Jun 14. They reloaded bags of $5.36M wETH in just 1 hour; These DeFi OG and smart DEX traders realized over 10% gains a few hours later.



Candlestick supports the Smart Money function with 20+ indicators. You can learn more in this tutorial:



Step-by-step video



Candlestick Public Launch Soon!


2 weeks left to get 60% off for all functions:

  • Crypto Gem hunting function
  • Live Smart Money mode
  • 40+ exclusive crypto trading indicators
  • Buy/sell timing signals




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