Tosdis Finance Is Taking Crypto to the Next Step - Introducing DeFi as a Service

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DeFi was on a roll last year, especially when it broke $15 billion in total value locked in December. The things weren’t different for staking either, with a lot of developers giving up mining in favor of the more affordable and easier way for users to become part of the validation team.



Therefore, 2021 is definitely promising for the crypto sphere. And it starts strong, with Tosdis Finance being now open to the public, which makes the best out of both worlds.




What is Tosdis Finance about?

Tosdis Finance is the first decentralized saving protocol that performs across various blockchains, providing people with a wide range of products, from Liquid staking to Yield farming as a Service.  


The best part is that they really put a lot of effort into providing users with the possibility to stake their tokens across more than just a single blockchain, expanding the crypto usability. They started with the BSC blockchain and now they are continuing with Polkadot.  



The project was released in the second quarter of 2020, and it is the outcome of very high regard for the needs of crypto users.




Do they have their own token?

Yes. The ERC-20 DIS Token, or, better said TOSDIS, is the native crypto-secure utility token of the Tosdis EasyStale protocol, that plays a big role in the ecosystem and that’s intended to be used exclusively as the primary token on the platform.



The total supply of DIS Tokens is 100,000 DIS, of which 40% will be concluded for users’ rewards.



Being the heart of the entire ecosystem, the DIS Token can be obtained as a reward by working with any of the features provided:

  • Hard Staking;

  • Yield Farming;

  • Liquid Staking;

  • Lending protocol;

  • DAO.




How the features can benefit you?

Tosdis Finance has the great advantage that it has accumulated every feature that makes DeFi the most wanted area of crypto. If you are new to Decentralized Finance, let’s see how each of them can benefit you.



1. Staking as a Service

Starting with the basics, staking means locking up your crypto into a PoS protocol with the aim of gaining revenue, depending on how much you stake. But as a service, users can stake ERC-20 Tokens on more than a single blockchain, like Polkadot or Ethereum for example. And the only company that provides that kind of service is indeed Tosdis.



In order to be sustainable, the networks resort to the deflation mechanism, possible with the network fees paid in DIS Tokens by those who create a pool.



2. Yield Farming as a Service

Yield Farming is the easier way of making more cryptocurrencies with your own crypto. All you need to do is lend your funds to a pool and then receive token rewards. Again, by using it as a service, it means that you can do the same on other blockchains as well.  



Tosdis Lending protocol will be linked with the staking protocol, therefore users can get maximum yields.



3. Liquid Staking

This feature is yet to come on the Tosdis Network and it will bring a great expansion of the crypto usability. With Liquid Staking, users will be able to trade, transfer, or use as collateral financial products, getting rewards at the same time.  Liquid Staking will also allow users to more easily manage their crypto holdings.



4. Barter – a P2P Lending model

This is another feature under development, with the help of which users can lend, borrow assets, and even access a wide range of financial services, like exchanges or Crypto Bank.  



5. DAO

DAO is short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is what describes the services of Tosdis. The team chose this kind of approach so that they could provide Tosdis supporter with the possibility to vote on how the network should operate.



It is a combination of a decentralized and a centralized network, bringing the best of both worlds -  providing anonymity and ensuring efficiency and stability.




Final thoughts

Just by looking at the wide variety of services provided by Tosdis, it’s easy to see how much the DeFi area will expand over this promising year. 



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