Top 7 GameFi Projects Worth Playing with Over 100% Gains in Users

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By combining game, NFT and DeFi, GameFi projects have created a boom in users, volume and token prices. Axie Infinity is an example.



Then what is GameFi? These types of games typically launch their own tokens which are used for rewarding players and for trading in-game items between players. The tokens also can be swapped for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money in exchanges. You can use the tokens to make in-game purchases of NFTs which can include artwork or customizable characters and resell them as their value increases. Yes, it’s another saying for Play to Earn.



When players battle for token rewards, blockchains compete for players.



In the latest competition, Binance Smart Chain has surpassed the Ethereum blockchain in daily transactions, thanks to the crazy growth of GameFi project CryptoBlades, according to CoinDesk. CryptoBlades 7d transactions tracked by is 9.23M, ranking No.1 in all games.



CryptoBlades now ranks No.1 by 30d users in all games with tokens. *Use the filter on the top right-hand side to choose dapp projects with tokens.

You can see from the ranking chart that the current top 7 games with tokens all have gained over 100% in users. Let’s get a closer look at each game, learning how to play to earn their tokens.


CryptoBlades $SKILL


CryptoBlades is a web-based NFT roleplaying game launched on the Binance Smart Chain. 


You as players may participate in combat with a hero character using your assets to earn $SKILL tokens, the in-game utility token. Assets such as weapons are NFTs that may be traded on the proprietary marketplace. So basically, it’s a game that allows you to defeat enemies, raid with friends, and as a result of exceptional skill and effort — earn $SKILL and collect NFTs.

How to earn $SKILL tokens:

  • Participate in combat through the use of character and weapon NFTs for $SKILL.

  • Mint characters and weapons and sell them for $SKILL on the marketplace.

  • Trade NFTs with other players for $SKILL or other BEP-20 tokens.

From the dashboard above, you can see that the $SKILL price has a high correlation with the volume of CryptoBlades.


X World Games $XWG (N/A)


X World Games is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain.



The first game launched on the platform is Dream Card, a card game with digital, collectible characters. You can trade them and cultivate new characters with exciting features, different degrees of cuteness, powerful combat attributes and trading values. You can also create your own fantastic card sets to battle A.I. or other players.

$XWG token is the native currency in the game, as well as mirrored as an ERC20 and BEP20 token. It allows token holders to collect, create and also be part of the game. There is a fixed supply of XWG tokens.



How to earn $XWG tokens:

  • Play to earn: Players have multiple accesses to earn $XWG token reward in the game, such as card levelling, card staking, and PVP match-winning

  • DeFi Gamification: A variety of DeFi functions will be imposed later in the game system, including yield farming, staking, DeFi lending and swap.


MOBOX Platform $MBOX


MOBOX Platform is a blockchain game platform combining the features of DeFi and NFTs to create a unique ”free to play, play to earn” ecosystem.



The game’s core element is MOMO, an NFT that is unique to the MOBOX platform. The unique GameFi system gives players and traders the opportunity to earn these unique NFT MOMOs.

How to earn $MBOX tokens:

  • Play to earn: You can provide liquidity for $MBOX or other BSC tokens to Crates (similar to Vaults) to generate BEP20 $KEY tokens that can be used to unlock unique NFTs. 1 KEY unlocks 1 Chest, which opens 1 MOMO. Then with a MOMO, you can participate in various play-to-earn games on the platform: MOMO Farmer, MOMO Token Master, Trade Action, etc.

  • NFT lending: You can lend out your MOMO to earn. Go to the in-game Marketplace, you’ll find the “MOMO Lending” feature.

The dashboard shows that the $MBOX price is highly correlated with the MOBOX’s users and transactions.


CryptoZoon $ZOON


CryptoZoon is inspired by Pokemon Story to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.



CryptoZoon combines the aspects of gaming and digital collectibles, transforming them into the digital creatures universe. With CryptoZoon, you can use your ZOANs to fight monsters, collect, grow, join training (battle each other) and earn.


How to earn $ZOON tokens:

  • Successfully participate in daily quests and fight Yaki Monsters.

  • Participate in Against Yaki Bosses events every week where they need four ZOANs (with at least two of them classified as Uncommon) to team up with other players.

  • Stake your ZOANs for farming $ZOON tokens.

  • Battle in Training or arena battle against other players.




ZOO is a new type of NFT yield farming + gaming platform that including yield farming, smart pool, NFT cards collection and NFT battle. 



$ZOO token is the platform governance token. $KEY token is the stake income, can be used to open treasure chests to generate NFTs. Users can use the NFTs to fight, can also stake NFTs to get $ZOO Token. This is similar to MOBOX’s tokenomic.

How to earn $ZOO tokens:

  • Farm: Stake in the $ZOO token pool and earn rewards back.

  • Combat: Battle with others in the tournament and win prizes.

  • Mining: Send your NFT to mine $ZOO tokens. The mining power depends on your NFT’s rarity (Junk, Normal, Rare, Epic, Legendary).


DungeonSwap $DND


DungeonSwap is a Defi-RPG game on the Binance Smart Chain.



The unique feature is a game in dev called "The Dungeon", where you can have fun playing while earning from battle reward. It’s a “rogue-like” web game and players can fight various enemies as they go deeper to the dungeon and accumulate $DND token awards, or to keep their reward and exit the game. 

How to earn $DND tokens:

  • Farm: Provide liquidity to $DND-$BUSD pool, get LP token (described as “learn a magic spell” in the game). Then go to the Fantasy Farm to stake these spells, you will be rewarded with more $DND tokens. Or you can directly stake $DND.

  • Play to earn: Enter “the Dungeon” to take the adventure in Campaigns (you have to pay an entry fee with $DND to play) and win $DND rewards in the Jackpot.

The price curve of $DND is highly coincidental with the users/volume/transactions curves. So you can use the on-chain data as your price indicators.



By the way, now the project is holding a DungeonSwap NFT Relic Airdrop. The game is introducing a special type of NFT equipment called Relic, which allows you can enter the Dungeon for free, have your reward protected from losing battles and strengthen yourself against monsters. In the future, you will need $DND to buy relics. The team is giving them away for free to users who stake at least 100 DND-BUSD LP Tokens. The airdrop ends on 31st Aug 2021.



LoserChick $CHICK


LoserChick is a 3D “Claw Crane” on-chain game, which integrates NFT and GameFi financial gameplay on the basis of the game, such as liquidity mining, NFT minting, NFT stake mining, asset trading, etc. In LoserChick, players can not only play games freely but also continuously enjoy various financial services to earn while playing.

The circulating tokens are $CHICK (the utility token), and $EGG (the token used to mint NFT). You can get $CHICK tokens in QuickSwap, a top dex on Polygon Network. Then swap your $CHICK into $cCHICK to get a $cEGG. Again, swap your $cEGG into $EGG, open the $EGG to mint an NFT. With the NFT, you’ll be able to participate in the game.

How to earn $CHICK tokens:

  • Mining: Send your NFT to produce power to mine $CHICK tokens. The rewards depending on the type of your NFT (ShriekingChick, TrumpChick, LaborChick, BossChick, LuckyChick).


Besides the GameFi projects we mentioned above on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, another strong competitor is entering the field. To join this fierce competition, the TRON Foundation is launching a $300 million fund, Tron Arcade, that will invest in play-to-earn projects over the next three years.



There’s no doubt that Ethereum has taken the first leap in GameFi. Now which blockchain will catch up with it, BSC, Polygon or TRON? Do monitor their data!



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