Taking Crypt-Oink to the Races, Interview with Crypt-Oink's team

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We have long admired the rise in popularity of cute 3D piggies or Crypton from Japan. These adorably animated piggies come in all shapes and sizes with added accessories that just makes you want to scream ‘Kawaii’!

While playing around we noticed they had stats but no physical form of gameplay other than players breeding the next charming Crypt-Oink to win the hearts of the community. We approached the developers of Crypt-Oink to find out what sparked the idea, and to hopefully uncover potential new features that could be in the works.


Tell us about the company behind Crypt-Oink?

Our company is called Good Luck 3, we are a video game studio that was founded in 2013. We became famous thanks to a game, or rather character called Gudetama (ぐでたま). You know Hello Kitty? Well Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty also made Gudetama. The cute, but oddly slightly emo egg yolk is another one of their major characters which we have publishing rights to.

We released the Gudetama game in 2015 and that grossed over 4 million downloads. From there we started another IP called Aerial Legends, which came from a partnership with Huis ten Bosch which grossed more than 1 million downloads.

With these successes, we wanted to work on another project. We were taken by blockchain technology and decided to throw our hat in the ring by making a video game run off the new technology. Thus after pivoting our business model last January, within 4 months, we come out with Crypt-Oink. In addition on top all this, we also have a film and drama department and that's about it for the brief history of Good Luck 3 and what we do.


How big is the team that worked on Crypt-Oink?

30 people mainly composed of artists, designers, and engineering. Art is obviously huge as there are a lot of assets that need to be made. As a company, we like to focus on UI and creating something very smooth for our users. If you look at the Android application you can see it's really smooth and that's because we are a mobile game studio after all. We are working to improve our web browser UI, and we will get it right!

Back to the team, we are a very experienced team and enthusiastic about applying our expertise towards creating a blockchain game.

Do you favor Android devices more than other platforms?

The game is playable on iOS, unfortunately not through the official Apple store as they do not allow decentralized applications.

Google Store also rejected us once, but what happened there was very interesting: Shortly after being taken down, Benny Giang of CryptoKitties met with Google and a week after that our game was ... magically back up. Now his meeting certainly had NOTHING to do with Crypt-Oink specifically, but I tell this story to say that I believe his advocacy for decentralized apps is going a long way for sure, even if it was just a coincidence.


Crypto-Oink is the very first dapp you made, did you face any issues that you wished you knew before starting?

I think the biggest issues we've had is community outreach. We're a Japanese game company with Crypt-Oink being our first game that we have localized and are really pushing abroad, so getting the user base up has certainly been a challenge. Many people still don’t understand blockchain, let alone are actively using it. Further still, those that grasp the gaming capabilities of cryptocurrencies are fewer in number.

We are making sure that individuals can easily jump into Crypt-Oink. We are doing very well in Japan, but we are trying to reach out further. I really think that’s the main growing pain, figuring out how to boost our user base.


Why 3D piggies? And why Crypt-Oink?

Because pigs are cute! We found ourselves doing wordplay with the word ‘Crypto’,  "Crypto, Crypto, CryptoN? CrypTON?! Yeah let's run with it!" It was almost as simple as that.

In English, the title became ‘Crypt-Oink’ but the official Japanese title is, "Crypton" (くりぷ豚). "Ton"(豚) is a Kanji (Japanese character) representing "pig," so Crypton literally means a "Crypto Pig".

To start, we wanted to do a collectible. After mocking up designs, we did a lot of roughs of different animals with various designs, but in the end, pigs really looked best. Perhaps because we are a Japanese company we are influenced by the Japanese culture, more specifically the ‘Kawaii’ cute culture. After all, our main titles have been based off Sanrio’s iconically cute characters.

In the end, everything blended smoothly and we decided to go along with this idea, if you look at Crypton you gotta say its pretty cute right?

Yeah, they are, and they come in so many varieties, how does that happen? Do the accessories or things on their backs do anything?

Each asset has its own characteristics, a pattern, accessories, physical features, or just the color. All individual attributes come from the Crypton's genetics or digital DNA. Two parent Crypton will transfer genes to their child via breeding, but you can also expect new traits to appear as well.

Almost every day new colors, patterns, and traits are being discovered. We have special Crypton such as an all gold Crypton, a Uniton (Unicorn Crypton) occasionally being born. All these Cryptons are unique and result from specific genetic matching which brings out the fun of “smart” breeding.


Can you tell us more about the new features in the game that you will be releasing?

Right now the majority of blockchain games have a trading element. What we are looking into now is:

How can we go more in-depth with this technology?
How can we create a more immersive game?
How can these assets be used in a game and still have value when placed on the blockchain?

So what we’ve decided to create is a racing game to leverage the uniqueness of each Crypton. The whole game is already 3D where a single race can hold up to 6 Crypton.

Depending on how you raised your Crypton and how you bred them, you might have a powerful Crypton thoroughbred with powerful stats on your hands. We currently have three important stats: speed, stamina, and power. These attributes will be leveraged in the racing game.

The Crypton that will be placed into the race will have to overcome obstacles to win. By equipping items onto a Crypton, or by using a certain trait, your Crypton may gain an advantage and win. Depending on the track, some traits or items will work better in specific areas than others.

The beta will be rolled out soon and we really like what we have right now, I just saw the demo and I think it looks cool.

Is the racing going to be similar to something we are familiar to?

Yeah definitely. It looks and feels something similar to Nintendo’s Mario Kart, I’d say personally. At the moment you can't control the movement, however, there are quick-time events where players can “cheer” on their Crypton by quickly press the correct button to jump over a hurdle successfully.

This is only the first iteration, we will be doing a lot more stuff as the game becomes more popular. For now, we want to make sure we are giving players something that works that they can immerse themselves in.


We have seen many dapp games ask players to pay a fee to play, will Crypt-Oink do the same?

That's a really great question. Another problem in the space right now is onboarding. We need to make it easy for new players to start playing the game. It's terrible for us to require others to actually pay to play the game.

Right now we have features that allow players to send Crypton via Twitter which we will show off in the giveaway (scroll to the bottom for more!). The goal of this feature was to help individuals who do not have a Metamask or crypto-wallet to be able to receive and own a Crypton.

Obviously, if the players want to trade or buy a new Crypton they will need to link the independent account/wallet we create for them with their Metamask. As a veteran studio, we can safely manage the (Crypt-Oink) accounts of our players. This has really helped the onboarding process.

CryptonRacing will have something similar: For those new users who create an account, you’ll be given a standard Crypton waiting there for you to use right away. Now is this new player’s Crypton going to win compared to someone who has spent time breeding their Crypton? Hard to say, but it's not impossible for it to happen. However, the fun comes in breeding a top-tier Crypton, nurturing it further, winning races, and seeing its value in the marketplace.

Energy is required to enter a race and depletes upon and replenishes over time. We’re definitely not going to ask players to pay an Ethereum fee to join the races as that would be a barrier to fun.  


Will there ever be a betting aspect to the races? Do government regulations affect you in any way?

It’s not our intention to add betting into Crypt-Oink. Also, the way things are set up in Japan, gambling in games is prohibited.

As for regulation, ICO's in Japan are illegal by the FSA.

However, when it comes to dapps the FSA has not made any serious regulations, yet. There has been a lot of advocacy that is helping the dapp ecosystem and we too are active promoters when it comes to the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We are working together with others in various industries and advocacy groups to be sure that dapps are looked favorably upon.

What needs to change for all dapps to be more popular?

As mentioned, the biggest issue is the onboarding process. You have to register with an exchange, you have to buy cryptocurrency, move it back over to your wallet, then finally bring that currency into the game. There are just too many steps in the funnel and thus the churn rate is really high. People just don't want to go through all that for something that they don't know if they’ll like.

Then there is this issue over who do you trust? It's tough right now. I mean people go to Dapp.com and Dapp Radar as the authority to find legitimate dapps that they can get into. However, there needs to be more information being put out there on mainstream gaming networks to help get gamers involved in this new world and experience. It's hard for them to know about this new world unless they are already interested in blockchain from the get-go.

Finally, dapp games have to have a lot more than just a trading card aspect, there needs to be actual gameplay. People who have already been in this space for a while are getting bored and they want something exciting to do. The quintessential purpose of games is to play and have fun. That's what we’re creating with Crypton via CryptonRacing.

Instead of waiting around for Crypt-Oink to release the racing game why not jump into the game before to breed your very own thoroughbred Crypton? Better yet, check out the PreSale Crypt-Oink is hosting for preparation of CryptonRacing!

The PreSale will run between November 6th (UTC 6:00) and November 15th (UTC 6:00)

During the Pre-Sale a limited number of Special Crypton will be sold. These special Crypton have a unique appearance. Dare we say they are ‘thoroughbred’, and thus will give you an early edge of the forthcoming racing game:



These will not be sold or distributed at any other point so seize the chance!


Join the giveaway competition! From November 6th to November 13th our dapp community will be able to win 3 Crypton! The rules are as follows:

1. Follow @CryptOink_EN and @dapp_com on twitter;
2. Like and retweet the giveaway post link

The winners will be chosen randomly from posted retweets and announced on November 13th.


To not miss out on future giveaways, join us on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook.


By Alessio Casablanca

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