Steem Dapps Are Ready for Mass Adoption

2019-01-04 13:22:13 · 12959 views · 5 min read

Hey Dapp Community, Happy New Year! We have an announcement to make and there’s no better way to kick off the new year than this one -- is supporting dapps that built on Steem blockchain!


But first of all, why Steem?


Many people in the blockchain space may have known Steemit - one of the most well-known decentralized applications. As the first app built on Steem, Steemit is widely used and recognized dapp. However, a lot of people mislabel Steem blockchain as a decentralized “blogging platform”.


Meanwhile, Steem has already created a well-established ecosystem to build decentralized apps by their developer community and large user base. On the one hand, many decentralized social media products that users are familiar with but only better with given rewards to users, so Steem dapps are no stranger to most people; on the other hand, there’re entertainments like blockchain gaming, which provides excellent user experiences.


Steem dapps have everything that we’ve been looking for in our next killer dapps - easy to access, gas-free, good user experience, and user incentives. We want to let the whole world RE-RECOGNIZE STEEM through the vast community of


Hats off to our special guests therealwolf from Steem Apps and Matt from Steem Monsters. With their help, we have completed the data crawling and setup. You can now check out  STEEM dapps and their data by visiting Ranking. And also don’t forget to write a review for your favorite dapp!



A Quick Steemians Starter Kit

To show our appreciation to the community, we’ve prepared a quick review of our experience with some Steem dapps. But before we get started, you’ll need a STEEM account - here's how:


  • Account

You can have a free STEEM account by signing up for free on Steemit, which requires a 1-2 week of queueing. Or pay to sign up for instant access via BlockTrades or AnonSteem with a small amount of Bitcoin or Ether (it will be less than a cup of cappuccino!). QuickSteem is a’s recommended tool for instant account setup built by BuildTeam with its outstanding UX.


  • Wallet/Account Tools

SteemConnects: SteemConnect is an identity layer on top of the Steem blockchain that makes accounts secure.

Steem Keychain: Steem Keychain is an extension for accessing STEEM-enabled distributed applications, or "Dapps" in your normal Chrome browser! For those who familiar with MetaMask, you will find Keychain super easy to use when interacting with the Steem blockchain.


  • Block Explorer - A block explorer of Steem to explore and search the Steem blockchain for transactions, accounts, and other activities, like Etherscan on Ethereum.


  • Tokens

You don’t actually need any tokens to access to Steem dapps as the transactions don’t involve with any gas fees. But you will still get a small amount of Steem tokens in your wallet after setup. In addition, you will be able to earn your STEEM tokens by contributing great content to the Steem apps.

Thriving on Steem


Well then let’s take a sneak peek into some of the great Steem dapps that listed on



Steemit by Ned

We assume everyone in the blockchain space know about Steemit, a community where users are rewarded for sharing their voice. We have been sharing our content and stories with the Steem community ever since we launched. We just can’t tell you how much we love their work!


dMania by Zombee


The 9GAG on STEEM. Users can post memes, funny pictures, gifs, and get rewards in an easy and user-friendly way.


Steemblr by Snwolak

An open-source microblogging platform powered by STEEM. It’s like Tumblr on the blockchain.  


Musing by Jonching

Musing is a question and answer platform where you earn cryptocurrency on your content. Content is stored on the blockchain where you then "mine" tokens when you get upvotes. We answered a few questions there and earned some STEEM token within a few hours. The clean design and ad-free give a better user experience than Quora. The team is working hard on fighting spam by detecting plagiarized content. The Musing users are active and their community is expanding. Definitely worth exploring.


Steem Monsters by Matt

The game was released last year and it's the best blockchain game of the year without any doubt. (Just so you know, we’ve played more than 50 games already). Full gameplay, actions are smooth, great design, rare digital assets, etc - what a great combination of blockchain and games! We can’t tell how surprising did we feel when started exploring the game.


Magic Dice by magicdice

When everyone is having so much fun betting on EOS dapps, Magic Dice gives an even better experience. The Steem blockchain is as fast as the EOS blockchain and it doesn’t restrict by the CPU and RAM resources.


Steepshot by steepshot

The Instagram on the blockchain. Steepshot is a platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience.


1Ramp by the1ramp

A Steem blockchain-powered social media that rewards you for sharing your valuable work with the community. Both the web and mobile versions are available.


DTube by dtube

The decentralized version of YouTube. With a lot of content been uploaded and voted by the active community.


SteemHunt by tabris

A Steem fueled Product Hunt. Users can surface new products, upvote, and comment on them, and most importantly,  they will be rewarded with STEEM tokens for contributions. The product design is super awesome. You can find there too.



Partiko by partiko and

Yet another “blogging” platform on STEEM or blockchain in general, Partiko is slightly different. Partiko is a mobile app built on the Steem blockchain, which allows you to interact with your fellow steemians on the go. Partiko’s ultimate vision is to enable the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by building crypto-based products like Partiko that seamlessly interact with users. With Partiko you also can get the rewards from everyday check-in, which is pretty cool.


Again, a round of applause to the Steem community for the greatest support. Many more Steem dapps are definitely under the radar. For those Steem dapps that haven’t listed on yet, please submit to us and we can’t wait to share your products!


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