Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Now with New Dapps

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Happy Holidays! Hope you are enjoying a relaxing and fun-filled holiday season with your friends and family!


2019 was an eventful year for dapps. Last week, we published the 2019 Year in Review and took a look back at what happened this year. Now, we are only two days away from the start of a new decade! Are you excited? We are preparing something very special for you to celebrate the New Year and everything, so please stay tuned and get ready! 


Before we leave 2019 and the decade of the 2010s behind, here are the latest weekly new dapps series and we think you will like it. 


Cozy up and read more with Cozy Reader

The New Year is a good time to set goals for the months to come. But let’s be honest with ourselves, compared to finding a dream job or building 50+ dapps (but do drop us a line if you make that happen), reading more is one of the goals that is a lot easier for us to achieve.   


The good thing is when you’re surfing the web, you come across interesting articles that you want to read all the time, but you just don’t always have time to read them right the way. What if there’s a tool that can help you to save the articles now and you can read them later? Cozy Reader is here to help—and it’s not an ordinary bookmarking tool.


Built on top of Blockstack, Cozy Reader is an encrypted tool to save all the articles you want to read. With Cozy Reader, you will be able to store, curate, and read articles all in one place where it is secure and safe—all your data is encrypted and nobody will see what are you reading or steal your data.


Here is how Cozy works: Log in with your Blockstack ID, add the article’s URL to save it on Cozy, then you can manage the article by marking it as “read”. If you’re using the Firefox browser, you can use Cozy extension to save articles from any page with just one click. Also, you can customize your Cozy page to make it cozier in your way. 


Create and sell more with Rarible

Today is the non-fungible reality of tomorrow. — Rarible


Everyone is creative. With Rarible, you can create more—and monetize your creative work in a non-fungible way!  


Rarible is an Ethererum-based platform for creating and selling digital collectibles. Unlike other marketplaces for trading NFTs, you can make your own ones on Rarible and sell them. Wonder how? It’s really simple: After you connect with wallets like MetaMask, upload your digital work (picture, painting, or whatever you create) with a nice name and description, sign off on MetaMask and Voila! Your very first NFT is here on Rarible and waiting for someone to pick it up!  


Build more with Runkod

Hey builders, are you’re looking for a place to host your dapp? Maybe Runkod is the one that you can try. 


Runkod is a decentralized hosting platform for modern javascript apps and static web publishing. Leveraging the Gaia storge from Blockstack, you will be able to fully control your data and everything on Runkod. The platform also provides handy tools for you to deploy your dapps, so you can set up and upload your dapp content within a few clicks. 


Oh, did we mention Runkod is completely free and no bandwidth limits? So go launch your project on Runkod now!  


Besides these three new dapps, we have Zethyr Lending to manage your TRX and enable TRX lending, and Moodify, a private mood tracker that helps us to monitor our own emotions.


Anyways, we hope these dapps will help you attain your goals in 2020! 


See you next decade! 


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