Special AMA on St. Patrick’s Day | Guests: Jillian Godsil, Graham de Barra, and Sharif Bouktila

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Every year, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and cherish all things Irish on March 17. This year, we want to make something special—presenting a special episode Dapp.com AMA with the guests from Ireland—we are very excited to have Jillian Godsil, Graham de Barra, and Sharif Bouktila join Dapp.com AMA to answer all the “Irish flavor” questions from the community in Dapp.com Telegram channel


Ever wondered how the teams decided to start on blockchain? What is feel like to be an Ireland-based tech company? Do people have enough awareness of what blockchain is in Ireland? What are their upcoming projects? Mark your calendar because this is your time to get all those answered.


About Jillian Godsil

Jillian describes herself as “CEO, ICO advisor, crypto journalist, blockchain speaker, broadcaster of Dublin City FM and East Coast FM, writer, law changer, and dreamer”. She is also co-founder of Blockleaders, fulfilling a dream to create a space where readers can find out about the human driving force behind the innovation and creativity in crypto and blockchain. She was named as one of the 50 Most Influential Women In Blockchain in 2018.


About Graham de Barra

Described as a mover and shaker; Graham has launched social campaigns and founded several tech startups. With a passion for systems reform, Graham strives to remove inefficient bureaucratic layers from the fabric of society and increase transparency around governance issues with decentralization. Having worked on projects at the UN, European and national level Graham believes big data can steer policies around health and wellbeing. In 2014 Graham launched Bitcart, a bitcoin-to-Amazon gateway, which today runs on the Lightning Network. His passion is fusing cannabis and technology through his latest startup Festy which is a partner of Kakao.


About Sharif Bouktila

Sharif got interested in EOS in 2017 and looked around for a meetup to find out more.  When none existed he started EOS Dublin and began meeting and building a strong local community. A serial entrepreneur he saw an opportunity to support the EOS launch and community as a block producer based in Dublin, Ireland. On St.Patrick’s Day 2018, EOS Dublin’s BP candidacy was launched and now they are a Block Producer on 4 EOSIO blockchains and are building and supporting dapps building and moving to EOS.



AMA session: AMA will be held in Dapp.com Telegram group on Sunday, 4:00 - 4:30 AM EST / 9:00 - 9:30 AM UTC, March 17, 2019.

Questions submission: Comment below with your question(s) before 3:00 AM EST / 8 AM UTC on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

How to participate:

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  2. Leave your comments or questions under this post.

  3. Our guests will answer your questions in Dapp.com Telegram group!


  • Please do not reply to other users' questions until our guests have finished answering all the selected questions.

  • Be precise with your questions.

  • Please be friendly to everyone :)

  • Guests will answer 3-5 extra questions if there's still some time left.


Also, if you are not going to ask any questions this time but you are interested in Dapp.com AMA sessions, you are more than welcome to come by and check it out anytime!

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