Sorry But You Can Only Use This Dapp on Wednesdays

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Happy Tuesday! Last week we had 30 new dapps joining our community, what a feat! Among them,

9 are Tron-based,

15 are Ethereum-based,

2 are EOS-based,

and 4 from Tomochain.

Betting dapps dominate as usual, but we found some dapps that will absolutely blow your mind. Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week:


1. Wednesday Club: We know, work weeks can be rough. Especial Wednesdays, you’re already halfway through the week but probably need to take a breath before going back to work. Wednesdayclub is the one and only dapp just for your Wednesday mood! It is an Ethereum-based chat dapp that is only useable on Wednesdays. Share your thoughts on Wednesdays and win some tokens!




2. Snark Art: As cool as it sounds, Snark Art is a blockchain laboratory exploring creative & commercial possibilities in art. They work with artists to create blockchain-based crypto art, and bring these one-of-a-kind digital artworks to the public via their auction and sales platform. This is the chance to graduate from Cryptokitties and enter into a new type of art industry based on blockchain technology.




3. Crypto Mon: CryptoMon is a mobile first-person shooter (FPS) game in which cryptocurrency is earned by hunting monsters. The value of the monsters goes up as the bullets hitting them are accumulated. The player who successfully catches the monster garners all of its accumulated value. What’s more, players also have a chance to encounter monsters that represent various kinds of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Dragon, Ethereum Goblin, etc. Watch out these boss monsters, shoot ’em down and win big!




4. HyperETH: HyperETH is an Ethereum smart contract driven gaming ecosystem. At the center of the ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain is its native cryptocurrency known as HYPER tokens. The token is used as the fuel for the entire gaming platform and can be traded with its interior exchange - HyperEX. Games that are currently live on the platform include web game Hypershot and Hyperspace, and smart contract game hyperlotto, and more to come.




5. Tronraider: Ranking as the No.4 top gaming dapps at ranking, Tronraider is an innovative blockchain online gaming platform with memorable characters and simple game instructions. There are a couple of financial games available in its gaming universe, including Rage and Bash, and more to come.



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