Enjoy Sports with Socios, Win $1,000 CHZ

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Socios.com is the most popular sports dapp, with over 110K on-chain users. Its token Chiliz $CHZ ranks in Top 100 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap.


To celebrate Dapp.com being the 1st to list Socios.com, we’d like to bring you more fun as well as bonus from the combination of sports & Blockchain technology!


Now you have a chance to win in a $1,000 CHZ campaign!






Total $1,000 CHZ for 5 winners.


NO.1 $400 CHZ

NO.2~5 equally share $600 CHZ, each winner $150 CHZ




How to Win


Phase 1 Submission: June 5~9


To participate, you need to:

  1. RT the campaign post with your photos of all sports theme including esport, and your Socios.com user ID


  1. Submit your photos of all sports theme & your Socios.com user ID on this page👇


Dapp.com & Socios.com will select the best 10 photos after the submission.



Phase 2 Vote: June 10~14


Vote for the photos you like on this page!



Since you've submitted so many amazing photos, the candidates expand to 19 photos.



Comment on this article, with the number of the photo you want to vote. You can vote for 5 photos most.



   Socios.com User ID: tony sucios




 2    Socios.com User ID: Cryptodapp




  3    Socios.com User ID: rizmister




  4    Socios.com User ID: Philipp




   5    Socios.com User ID: ercan




 6    Socios.com User ID: rogue22




  7    Socios.com User ID: Mavericksandoval




  8    Socios.com User ID: rudondo11                                                                   



  9    Socios.com User ID: rektz




 10    Socios.com User ID: samoas




 11    Socios.com User ID: fedrosa




 12    Socios.com User ID: diomano




 13    Socios.com User ID: robertoh




 14    Socios.com User ID: subecan




 15    Socios.com User ID: khoirul85




 16    Socios.com User ID: kamadotan




 17    Socios.com User ID: sarozbhandari




 18    Socios.com User ID: semino




 19    Socios.com User ID: socios_linnbenton


*Photo No.6, 9, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18 are disqualified as they are from Google. If you are one of the participants of these photos and can prove the photo is originally from yourself. Please contact us. 


Enjoy sports and your right to vote with Socios.com!






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