Smart Money Is Accumulating APE. Who Are They? And Things Need To Watch

2022-06-07 04:39:05 · 23 views · 5 min read

Smart DEX traders are buying the Apecoin.


Candlestick recorded a Smart Money Net Buy value of $253.44K in the last 3 days. 


Big amount of Net Buy $111k at buy price $6.25



Who is buying? 


Alameda Research. 

Alameda Research started accumulating $APE 6 days ago. The avg purchase price is around $6. 


Things to watch: 2 sell orders from Alameda Research just happened at price $5.99 and $6.03.


👉Smart money live tradings for APE.



$APE Top Addresses Changes in the last 1D

Interesting findings:


CEX (Coinbase+ Binance): +261,936. People are transferring $APE to CEX, most likely, to sell.


DEX Uniswap $APE/ $WETH pool: -101,746. Traders are swapping $WETH for $APE.


👉 Smart money balance changes





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