Slot Event Roundup

2018-11-02 06:10:27 · 2911 views · 5 min read

Thank you everyone for joining's Slot Event!

From 18 to the 28 of October we’ve received 37,450 participants from all over the world, which approximately equals to the total population of San Marino! More than two-thirds of the users are new to the blockchain industry, and the rest of them were intrigued about
dapps and wanted to know more about them.

We had over 300 winners during this event, but it was very peculiar that many of them didn’t check their emails or claimed their prize! Here’s a little tip for next time: Please check your emails including your junk mail, and always read the FAQ or event guideline meticulously. This should ensure that you won’t miss your chance to collect your prize.

It was an honor for us to receive so much constructive feedback from new and veteran members of our community. We will be adopting the best suggestion as quickly as possible improving's website and the user experience.

During the event, we’ve spotted many irritating scammers that abused the referral link. Fortunately, our IT team reacted immediately and painstakingly took each scammer down. To keep things interesting, for every issue or scammer spotted we would make the IT team do 100 squat plus 100 push-ups as well as fix the problem. We must admit the IT team is now quite buff. We don't condone cheating or scamming, so we disqualified all winners who had been found to have done so.

Anyway, we appreciate everyone for partaking and showing interest in decentralized technology. will carry on its hard work writing, organizing, and sharing everything dapp related, stay tuned for more.

Interesting Facts Worth Noting

  1. Top 3 of the most used email were: Gmail 75%, Yahoo 6%, and Hotmail 3%.

  2. Top 3 of the most frequently used letters in our users’ email were: “A,” “N,” and “E.”

  3. 64% of our users’ email have numbers in them. 0, 1, and 2 we the most popular.

  4. Our global user ration is: America 36%, Asia 35%, Europe 22%, and Africa 7%


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