Redefine Words to Tell Your Own Story

2019-04-16 06:41:39 · 6275 views · 4 min read

Happy Tuesday! This week we had 22 new dapps from various blockchains joining our community! Among them,

10 are TRON-based,

4 are Ethereum-based,

4 are EOS-based,

1 is Steem-based,

1 from IOST,

and 2 other TomoChain.

Betting dapps dominate as usual, but we found some dapps that caught our eyes and we cannot wait to share them with you. Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week:


1. Lexiconomy: Language is never static. Every day new words and phrases are invented while the meanings of old ones transform. Who says you can’t be the one to create and own a new word? The lexiconomy is the world’s first decentralized and economized dictionary, empowering anyone to coin a word or phrase. It’s a dictionary for all languages, people, and cultures. The goal of the dapp is to serve as a persistent, immutable, and censorship-resistant record of the world's language.


2. Foam Map: In this dapp, everyone can become a cartographer. Based on the FOAM network, Foam Map allow users to create, curate, and search a consensus-driven map. You as a cartographer can sort and verify points of interest, such as landmarks, businesses, and tourist attractions. Anyone can search the FOAM Map and discover places that rank the highest. Up till now, over 600 cartographers have added more than 8,000 points to the map.


3. Creary: Creary is a social network of multimedia portfolios based on the blockchain technology that rewards creatives and curators for sharing their digital creations with the community. In fact, it is the first application that works on the blockchain of Crea. In Creary anyone can post digital content and be rewarded for their creative work according to the votes received from the community. Users are rewarded with a cryptocurrency called CREA. With some CREA token in hand, users can then buy and sell creative works of any multimedia format.




4. Cryptoconstellations: CryptoConstellations is a game about dominating the universe on the Blockchain and earn Ether while playing the game. Every Constellation is represented as a Smart Contract and there is only one contract per Constellation. Once you buy and conquer a Constellation you take the ownership of the Constellation. If someone buys your Constellation, you lose ownership but earn up to double in return of investment back to your wallet.

5. CreasureQuest: CreasureQuest is a virtual Crypto Treasure Hunt based on historically real lost treasures. The games follow a choose-your-own-adventure structure with quizzes and riddles.  Play smart and you will have a chance to claim a big share in a 10 Bitcoin Prize Pool!

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