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After more than one year of diligent work, CryptoMiner World finally launched the game last week! What’s new and how to play the game? Well, let’s explain everything in this article. Also, we’ve prepared a giveaway that you will be able to win Gem for FREE and play the game now!

What Is CryptoMiner World?

CryptoMiner World (CMW) is an idle + collectible game focused around having your worker Gems dig up treasures that lie beneath plots of land that you own. Collecting Gems that will mine Plots of Land for you and mining Plots of Land will allow your Gems to find valuable items for you.


You can acquire artifacts, Gems, and more to sell with others at the marketplace. Here're something you can collect: 

Silver - Are used to increase your Gem’s Level. The higher the Level a Gem is, the deeper it can mine.
Gold - Are used to increase your Gem’s Grade!. The higher the Grade a Gem is, the faster it can mine.
Gems - The more Gems you have mined the more items you can find.
Artifacts - Are items that have a wide variety of benefits for your mining operation. They can speed up mining speeds of your Gems. They can create items. They can instantly mine Plots of Land. You get the picture, they can do all manner of things, they are pretty freaking sweet.
Keys - Are the rarest things in the game. Keys are used to open Chests that can hold up to 2,000 ETH!

The Gem Giveaway! 

From July 26 - July 31, leave your comment under the article and you will be able to win one of the 3 Gems that are being given away. Winners will be picked at random after July 31!

1st prize - A Emerald Grade A Level 3 Gem

2nd prize - A Pearl Grade B Level 3 Gem

3rd prize - A Ruby Grade C Level 3 Gem


Special Features of the Game

You need to dig deep enough and discover rare keys, capable of opening monthly Ether chests or even the 2,000+ Ether World Chest. Gems are upgradeable both in level and in grade. Pretty much every item in the game helps you find treasure better. 


What is this talk of ETH in Chests?


There are two main kinds of Chests: Gemstone Chests and the World Chest.

Gemstone Chests are each filled with 10 ETH. They get filed by taking 5% of each Plot of Land bought, and also 1% of every sale from the market. There is no limit to the number of Gemstone Chests that can be created. Once 10 ETH is stored form the previously mentioned ETH sources a Gemstone Chest is created.    
World Chest: There is only one World Chest, and it will be filled with 2,000 ETH! It is filled with 20% of each Plot of Land sold. Once the last Plot of Land in the world is bought a one-month timer will be started. During that time the World Chest will accept Keys from players. After that one- month timer is over one of the submitted keys will open the World Chest! 

What are these Plots of Land you speak of?

Plots of Land are what make of the world in the game. They are what your Gem mine to find sweet loot. They are always a fixed price of 0.02 ETH making the barrier of entry into the world of CMW quite low. All you need to play CMW is a Gem and a Plot. And with just that you could find the Key that opens the 2,000 ETH World Chest!!!

Plots of Land are made up of 100 Blocks. There are 5 tiers of blocks. Dirt, clay, limestone, marble, and obsidian. Each successive tier takes longer to mine than the last. Each Plot of Land is unique with a different composition of the above tiers of blocks.

How long does it take to mine a Plot of Land?

Gems may only mine land tiers based on their Age. Baby Gems can only mine dirt, Toddlers can mine dirt and clay, etc. You can see more details here about full-grown adult Gems that can mine through all tiers of land. 


Basics of How to Play the Game

Step 1: Get Gems. They can be found in the player ran Market.


Step 2: Get Plots. Go to the page here


Step 3: Get Mining. In your Workshop, select “Start” on the Plot you want to Mine. Then select the Gem you want to Mine the aforementioned Plot. That Gem will do all the hard work for! To get to your workshop, go to the Market.


If you see "Workshop" in the top menu bar, click that to create an account. If you have an account, it will say "My Workshop".

Future Plans for CMW

1st: The Gem merging system, which will allow players to merge the same colored Gems, to create Silver or Gold.

2nd: Account Achievement system that will unlock new profile images and other cosmetic items by completing achievements.

3rd: Artifact system will be added

4th: Launch Interactive World Map


If you want to find out more about the game check out the FAQ here. Or, join the discord group to chat with your fellow miners! 

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