Ready to Mine Your Own Business On TRONbet LIVE?

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TRONbet is an innovative, trustless, permission-less, and high-performance e-gaming platform on the TRON network and it has been one of the top 3 dapps on with a skyrocketing growth of users as well as transaction volume. The team just launched their very first partner dapp — TRONbet LIVE, including slot games, live dealer casino games, and mining opportunities.


In this article, we explained everything you need to know about the game, from playing to mining and earning dividends.


What is TRONbet LIVE?

TRONbet LIVE is the first platform on TRONbet across all blockchains, including centralized crypto casinos that allow you to play and earn the same currency and give you the full TRON experience. It will also give you the opportunity similar to ANTE to mine the new LIVE token while playing.


There are two games on The LIVE Platform: SLOTS (currently live) and LIVE, which is a live table game will be launched in the near future.


About the LIVE Token

LIVE token is a TRC-20 token that made available for mining through the TRONbet platform. Similar to ANTE, by having the LIVE token, you will be able to become a stakeholder of the platform and earn a part of the profit. The total supply of the LIVE token is 999 million. The only way to get LIVE is to mine it on TRONbet LIVE. The LIVE token can be frozen in a few easy steps, to allow users to earn dividends in TRX twice a day.


To celebrate the launch, there will be an exclusive mining incentive for ANTE token holder. ANTE holders will be able to earn 5% more LIVE tokens.


The mining model is divided into 30 levels. Here’s a table of LIVE token mining stages:*XVEfGAfEwIMGIzf00wxuig.png

TRONbet LIVE dividends will be taking a different approach to payouts. Instead of paying out once a day like most of you are accustomed to with the ANTE payouts, LIVE will payout twice a day at 11 am and 11 pm EST. Each payout will be equivalent to 50% of the dividend pool.*3dOhByO8DuoRWIFPFMW_kg.png

As LIVE token and earning distribution chart shown above, ANTE holders will automatically receive 15% of all dividends generated from the LIVE platform. This figure has been agreed with our partner and we believe that it is fair to both ANTE holders and also the TRONbet LIVE development team ensuring continued passive income for ANTE holders while also encouraging continued partner development.


About SLOT Games


There are already 10 unique SLOT games on the platform. In the future, Universal Jackpots will also be launched  and you will be expecting a true Vegas experience very soon!


SLOTs are consistently ranked in the top 5 of most popular odds-based games around the world. Now TRONBet LIVE players have the chance to enjoy SLOTs at home while also earning and mining cryptocurrencies.


Also, there's a leader board for users to have the opportunity to challenge themselves and fellow TRONbetonians as well.


How Do I Play TRONbet LIVE?


You may use a desktop wallet (TronLink and Guild Wallet) or mobile wallet (Guild Wallet, Math Wallet, and Vena Pi) to start with.


Step 1: Go to TRONbet LIVE and login with TronLink
Go to TRONbet LIVE, click on the TronLink logo in the upper right corner, enter wallet password and click “Continue” to get access to your wallet. Once logged in, refresh your browser by clicking on F5. 


If you don't TronLink yet, you can find a tutorial here.*pJNgj7NI5XLwsccFSttMqg.jpeg

Step 2: Accept the confirmation request from TronLink
You can either recharge TRX to your Live Wallet Balance for the first time or open one of the slots. You will get the question from TronLink to sign a transaction. This is similar to a login function and it won’t cost you anything. Click on the purple “Accept” button to confirm the transaction.*uQjFg1MqBgsbSg0JsqntdQ.jpeg

Step 3: Recharge TRX to your Live Wallet Balance
Deposit TRX to the TRONbet Live Wallet before start playing. You can withdraw this at any time if you want to get it back.


Click on “Recharge” next submit the amount of TRX in the popup window that you want to deposit and click “Confirm”. You will get a confirmation request from TronLink later, then choose “Accept” to proceed with the transaction. Your TRX will be reflected in your Live Wallet Balance and you can use it to pay for the slot bets. 


It can take up to 1–2 minutes before you will see your Live Wallet Balance updated.*uOpJL4Ifr0O8Ih5RRh2tnw.jpeg


Step 4: Choose the slots
Choose one of the slots that you like to challenge and click on the image to open the slot.*lnR4WQGEqx1zwke0WHhOmQ.jpeg

Step 5: Select the TRX amount per line bet
As soon as you open one of the slots, it will show you a few bonuses that you can unlock like the bonus game, where you will earn free spins including x10 multiplier and the free spins feature. Click on “continue” to go to the slot interface. Next, you will need to choose the amount of TRX that you want to use for the bet per line. Click on “Line bet” and choose the amount of TRX per line in the drop-down menu.


Every slot has different minimum and maximum betting per line options. The total amount of your bet is the BET PER LINE X  BETTING lines. You can find an overview of the rules of every slot by clicking on the menu.


The minimum amount is 0.4 TRX per line and the maximum amount of 80 TRX per line. All slots have 25 lines, which means the minimum total cost of the bet is 25x0.4 TRX = 10 TRX.

Then, it’s time to spin the slot. You can spin the slot once manually by clicking on the big ‘spin’ button. Or you can use to auto spin function and select the number of spins in the drop down menu (from 10 till 1,000 spins). The slot will automatically spin for example the chosen amount of time. The TRX that you won from the last spin will be added to your wallet automatically. In every slot, you can unlock the (mini) bonus games, earn free spins and high prices.


The winning amount doesn’t include the TRX in your bet.*oEj3mkML8rv2l_3i3yRimg.jpeg

Step 6: Withdraw and FREEZE your mined LIVE tokens to earn dividend
For every TRX you spend on TRONbet LIVE, you will mine a new token TRC-20 token LIVE. The LIVE Token is a dividend token, which can be frozen to earn a TRX twice a day. Click “dividends” and a popup window will open and show you the current stage, the available dividends, and the total amount of frozen LIVE tokens.


Choose “Withdraw” to transfer the live tokens your TRON wallet. Choose “Freeze”, if you want to freeze the tokens and earn your dividend. 


LIVE token needs 24h to unfreeze.*XXqnv7EAMgn5xaBJBEAjfQ.jpeg

Step 7: Withdraw your Live Wallet Balance to your TRON Wallet
Choose “Home” button to get back to the homepage, click “Withdraw”, and put the amount that you’d like to withdraw OR choose “All” if you want to withdraw all the available TRX in your Live Wallet. Then “Confirm” to proceed. 


It can take up to 1–2 minutes before you will see your withdrawn TRX in your TRON Wallet.*Kr7SKhlL5mFO1Zvxj9JCfA.jpeg


Got questions or curious about how the LIVE token dividend system work? You may visit LIVE platform, and also here’s the FAQs that hope it helps! And of course, join the TRONbet Telegram group to get the full support and meet with all the other fellow TRONbetonians! 



DISCLAIMER: You must be 21 years of age to click on any gambling related items even if it is legal to do so in your location. Recognizing that the laws and regulations involving online gaming are different everywhere, players are advised to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction or region to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered. The games provided by TRONbet are based on blockchain, fair, and transparency. When you start playing these games, please take note that online gambling and lottery is an entertainment vehicle and that it carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of these risks and govern themselves accordingly.

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