What are The Price Bullish Indicators to capture the next 100%+?

2021-12-15 08:14:36 · 26 views · 5 min read

Last week ((Dec 6 - Dec 12), these 5 tokens gained the most price according to CoinMarketCap.com.

Circuits of Value $COVAL

Veritaseuminc $VERI 

PolySwarm $NCT

Stream Protocol $STPL

Exchange Union $XUC

What Are The Bullish Price Indicators you can apply to capture the next 100%+?

💡Findings 1: Top price gained tokens tend to have super active token on-chain activities. 

These four metrics are used to evaluate a token’s on-chain activity:

  • Holders

  • Active address

  • Transfer volume

  • Transfer counts


Among these four, Active Address and Transfer Volume are the key data to measure token activity.

Look at the chart below. The tokens with the more considerable increase in active address and transfer volume have the most outstanding price gained.


💡Findings 2: Token price tends to be correlated with active address data and transfer volume data in the long run.

Take the top 1 gainer $NCT as an example. 

Active address ATH on Dec 7. Token price starts to rise gradually and reach ATH on Dec 10. Active address ATH again on Dec 12. Token price will reach new ATH soon? Monitor the trend.

Monitor the price indicators and capture the next 100%+ here!




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