Why Did Polychain Monsters Volume +512.78% in 2 Days?

2021-08-23 09:50:00 · 3082 views · 4 min read


On 11th Aug, Polychain Monsters, a play-to-earn blockchain game on Ethereum, announced Booster Incubation with MoonieNFT.

The news heated up the social media attention on Polychain Monsters, whose social signal sharply increased from 2.03K on 10th Aug to 14.21K on 11th Aug. The social signal scores broke ATH 17.38K later on 15th Aug.

What’s more, the users, volume and transactions of Polychain Monsters all reacted positively to the announcement.

According to the dashboard, from 10th to 12th Aug

  • Users: 200→339 (+69.50%)

  • Volume: $28.70K→$175.87K (+512.78%)

  • Transactions: 580→1.17K (+101.72%)

  • $PMON price: $11.12→$15.39 (+38.40%)


The dashboard also indicates that in the long term, the $PMON (the game’s utility token) price has a high correlation with its on-chain data.



Polychain Monsters are animated NFTs with varying scarcity, waiting for you to be discovered in digital booster packs. 

In addition, Polychain Monsters offers DeFi features like $PMON staking, as well as NFT staking, which makes it a typical GameFi project. Will it take off in this crazy game season? Keep tracking its on-chain data!




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