Missed Out Axie, What Other New Play-to-Earn Games Worth Trying?

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If you are a gamer, there have probably been countless moments in your life when you thought “If only I were paid to play games!” The “Play to Earn” game mode has been executed successfully by early starters in the Blockchain gaming industry such as Axie Infinity, Sorare and Upland



Missed out on the previous chances and could not afford an Axie now? No worries, here are some newly launched games that are worth trying! 




CryptoBlades: NFT + Crypto Gaming


CryptoBlades is a web-based NFT roleplaying game launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

You as players may participate in combat with a hero character using your assets to earn $SKILL tokens, the in-game utility token. Assets such as weapons are NFTs that may be traded on the proprietary marketplace. So basically, it’s a game that allows you to defeat enemies, raid with friends, and as a result of exceptional skill and effort — earn $SKILL and collect NFTs.



Currently, you can play to earn in the following ways:

  • Participating in combat through the use of character and weapon NFTs for SKILL.

  • Minting characters and weapons and selling them for SKILL on the marketplace.

  • Trading NFTs with other players for BEP-20 tokens.

  • Exchanging SKILL on a DEX for currency that can be traded on an exchange such as Binance.



So far, CryptoBlades has become the most active game on Binance Smart Chain with 41.94K players in the past 30 days, ranked No.1

All the game’s data have experienced dramatic increases since 11th Jul. Its social signal, users, volume and transaction hit ATH on the same day 18th Jul, and show no sign of decrease.

You’ll also find that the $SKILL token price has a high correlation with CryptoBlades’ on-chain performance. $SKILL follows the hype of CryptoBlades users, volume and transaction data, reaching new ATH on July 18 at $41.69.  




MOBOX Platform: DeFi + NFT


MOBOX Platform is a blockchain game platform combining the features of DeFi and NFTs to create a unique ”free to play, play to earn” ecosystem.



A MOMO is an NFT that is unique to the MOBOX platform. The unique GameFi system gives players and traders the opportunity to earn these unique NFT MOMOs.



To get a MOMO, you’ll need a special “Key”.

You can provide liquidity for $MBOX, the MOBOX platform DAO token, or other BSC tokens to Crates (similar to Vaults) to generate BEP20 $KEY tokens that can be used to unlock unique NFTs. 1 KEY unlocks 1 Chest, which opens 1 MOMO.

  • You can obtain a Key from staking in CRATES

  • You can buy a Key from the Market

  • You can buy it via PancakeSwap or directly from our website as shown below.



With a MOMO, you can participate in various play-to-earn games on the platform: MOMO Farmer, MOMO Token Master, Trade Action, etc.

Besides farming, the game also has a lending feature. You can lend out your MOMO to earn. Simply go to the in-game Marketplace, you’ll find “MOMO Lending”.

(Source: MOBOX Platform Medium)



Currently, MOBOX Platform ranks No.2 among all the top BSC games by active users.

The game platform has had a strong on-chain performance in the past 90 days: Users +341.34%, volume +101.13%, transactions +463.73%.

Compared to CryptoBlades, MOBOX does not have a sudden hype which can be reflected on users and volume data. Instead, it has had a slightly downward trend since May but is able to stay relatively stable.



Now you’ve learnt about these 2 fun blockchain NFT games with great performance, just play to earn!



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