Satoshi's Games: Earn Satoshi By Playing Every Day

2020-06-24 09:30:00 · 11706 views · 5 min read


We have an article introducing 6 products based on Lightning Network that you can earn free Bitcoin. And today we'll take you to discover a flash game platform to earn Satoshis on Lightning Network.



Satoshi’s Games is an 8-bit gaming platform that allows users to earn bitcoin by playing games.



The game interface creates a retro vibe like you’re in an old game center. If you love classic games, or you fancy a flash and relaxing game experience, Satoshi’s Games is the place for you. Users can also vote for the new games the platform is currently developing, so you have a say. Some of the games integrate Lightning Network to offer a better game experience for the micro Bitcoin economy.



Thus, the advantage of this game platform is obvious: nice-designed games, decentralized ecosystem, and fast payment.



What’s more, you can earn Satoshis by playing the Lightning Agar game or play various challenges games every day. Satoshi’s Games also run tournaments with a bitcoin prize for the player who wins.



Let’s have a look at the Lightning Agar first. It’s an online multiplayer game where you are a circle that has to get fat by eating food and eat other players. But do not let other players eat you!


  • Move your mouse on the screen to move your character.

  • Eat food and other players in order to grow your character (food respawns every time a player eats it).

  • A player's mass is the number of food particles eaten.

  • Try to get fat and eat other players.


You need to pay 1,000 Satoshis to start the game. And you can earn 750 Satoshis when you eat another player.



Or if you prefer easier games, you can play challenges. No tricks and earn real free satoshis! Choose the challenge wisely, since you can only play 1 type of challenge per day.


  • Jumping Dice: Just click to change and match the dice color with the base color.


  • Bit-Man: Move your Bit-Man in a maze, eat the Bit-dots, avoid being caught by ghosts.


And there are more games in Satoshi’s Games waiting for you to discover. 



Easy, fun and earn Satoshi in a blink! Why not give it a try?



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