pixEOSrama ArtsyDrop with Dapp.com

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pixEOS, the art, gaming, and profit sharing platform has teamed up with Dapp.com and we are inviting everyone to join the pixEOSrama collective canvas event - where you can submit images to us and your work will have a chance to be featured on a giant 8,000px by 4,500px canvas.


And, a prize of 100,000 pixEOS tokens (estimated 1,000 EOS) will be airdropped amongst Dapp.com community participants! The amount each person receives will vary based on the number of participants. Submit your art to get your share!


Submit Your Art to Dapp.com for the Pixeosrama Canvas


To submit your artwork, please follow the steps below:


1. Create your art, save it as a .png* file and name it with your EOS address. e.g. if your EOS address is somerandom01, your image file will be somerandom01.png.

2. Send your .png images to [email protected]** Max: 3 files per person.

3. Submission time: From February 1st to February 7th.

4. Follow pixEOS on Twitter and feel free to share your art on Twitter and tag @eos_pix, #pixeos and #pixeosrama.


*Submissions must be made in .png format. No ZIP, .exe or compressed files will be accepted or opened.

**Files must be no larger than 25 MB.  


More About pixEOSrama


pixEOSrama will be a giant 8,000px by 4,500px collaborative canvas featuring a backdrop crafted by the distinguished artist and painter Reinhard Schmid, whose work across mediums spans decades and continues to inspire the world. Reinhard’s numerous exhibitions have been featured throughout the whole of Europe. His joyful exploration of paint has allowed him to translate to a wider audience a captivating glimpse into strange and wonderful realities.


pixEOSrama canvas will look like this: 


Join pixEOS Featured Artists along with other members of the community to help craft an original mural to be backed by a non-fungible token and immortalized on the EOS blockchain.


This event is an opportunity for everyone to get a chance to have their digital artwork to be featured in one of the most ambitious imaginative campaigns on the EOS blockchain. The partnership between pixEOS and Dapp.com represents a celebration of art and will be the first creative campaign to be launched on the Dapp.com platform. We can’t wait to see what the community has in store for us.


How to Make .png Files

A handy tutorial, in case you need it:

  • Make a design that compliments the pixEOSrama background in photoshop or your favorite graphics editor.

  • Use a transparent background and have it cut around with no background of its own.

  • Save it as .png with max 25 MB.

  • Here’s a 2 mins video that might help you to make .png.


Note: The pixEOS Featured Artists will be deciding which art makes it into the canvas and also what art elements go where. They can resize, move and display the elements as they wish. By submitting your art to pixEOSrama you give the Featured Artists permission to resize your art and place it wherever they want.

The airdrop will be distributed at a time to be announced following the submission deadline. Due to the anticipated response, there’s no guarantee every piece of art submitted will be used in the canvas, however, every attempt will be made to feature the work of each artist. Also, every participant can expect to receive a share of the airdrop, regardless of whether or not their art makes it to the final canvas.




By submitting your art to this pixEOSrama canvas, you give permission to pixEOS to share, distribute, and use your art for any marketing purposes or any other purposes that pixEOS decides to do now or in the future. By participating in this contest, you agree to these terms and conditions. While we will attempt to attribute your work, this may not always happen, especially once your art is in the collaborative canvas.

This is a family friendly event, so no NSFW or racially offensive images will be considered.


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