NFT Heat Continues to Rise in March, Who is Leading The Market?

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Projects focused on NFTs continue to surge as investors and influencers cast their focus on the sector. 2 Leading NFT marketplaces, OpenSea and Rarible, have experienced exponential growth. 



OpenSea - Hit $131M ATH


OpenSea is one of the largest digital marketplaces on Ethereum blockchain with the best liquidity for crypto collectibles.

As the dashboard demonstrates, OpenSea’s on-chain data witnessed an explosive rally in March.

The amount of unique NFT traders exceeded 47K in March, increased by 144.79%. The daily NFT traders broke ATH 5,371 on 18th March

The total NFT trading volume in March hit $131.54M, increased by 42.15%. The daily trading volume broke ATH $9,824,552.155 on 13th March. 

The 30d transactions increased by 200.70% and hit 131.22K. The daily transactions also broke ATH 7,583 on 13th March.




Rarible - 100% User Growth


Rarible is an NFT marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain, where you can create and sell digital collectibles secured on-chain.

The same as OpenSea, all Rarible’s on-chain data experienced a huge increase in March.

Rarible users have increased by 101.20% to 13.11K in March. The daily users broke ATH 1,256 on 17th March.

In March, Rarible’s total volume reached $26.72M, with a growth of 78.01%. The new record of daily volume was $1,668,589.843 on 14th March.

The transactions in March hit 38.96K and increased by 94.97%. The daily transactions broke ATH 1,949 on 17th March, the same day as the users ATH.



$RARI is the utility token of Rarible. It can be seen from the Transaction - $RARI Price chart that $RARI price is highly correlated with Rarible’s transaction data. $RARI price has gone up 121.8% in the past 30 days.

You can track $RARI’s token profile including the amount of token holders, active addresses, etc. on Rarible’s product detail page on 



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