OpenSea Daily Traders and Transactions Break New ATH, Up 1192% since May

2021-07-14 09:50:00 · 49 views · 5 min read


OpenSea’s unique NFT traders, transactions and volume have experienced great growth: 30d traders +53.30%; transactions +171.95%; volume +134.28%.

According to OpenSea's 90d data dashboard, the gains in unique NFT traders and transactions started at the beginning of May, up 1192% since.

Both traders and transactions broke new ATH on 11th Jul: traders 7,892; transactions 13,280. The traders dramatically increased from 611 on 12th May to above 7K in July, and the transactions rocketed from 669 on 12th May to 13,280 on 11th Jul. 



However, we spot a totally different trend in its NFT trading volume.

OpenSea’s NFT trading volume hit ATH on 4th May - the daily volume was $21.85M. After the peak, the volume first dropped to below $5M daily, then slightly recovered in July.



Although the users and transactions show no signs of slowing, the volume remains still at a rather low level. Why? 



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