Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race

2019-08-08 10:00:00 · 7785 views · 3 min read

The one and only rainbow-riding, wave-chasing pop-tart cat — Nyan Cat is back and purreow by blockchain!


Before We Put Nyan Cat on the Blockchain

Nyan Cat has been an internet meme for almost a decade. The Ether Kingdoms team decided to bring this famous meme on the blockchain — five ranks of cats, four kinds of cryptocurrencies, a whole galaxy of cupcake, cheese and waffle, and a non-stop “NYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYAN”, are waiting for you in the game! 


So now it’s the chance for you to get your hands on Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race, and of course, earn some tokens!

What Is Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race 

Simply put, it's an economic game that you can own a very special Nyan Cat, take it on an adventure, and race toward crypto rewards.

What’s Nyan Cat Doing with Blockchain?

Thanks to the blockchain, because you will finally be able to: 

  • Adopt your own Nyan Cat — each cat is implemented as an NFT token 

  • Join skill-based gameplay to earn the reward — it’s just not a racing game, but also with open economics

  • Trade your Nyan Cat in the secondary market


Here are the ME-CAT-NICS and how they are unique: 


How to Play the Game

To start the race, you need to choose your favorite Nyan Cat and make a bet. The smallest bet is 1 Wave. You will need to team up with four other players in each race. During the portfolio race, there's a percentage ratio of four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wave, and Litecoin) is displayed in your portfolio. 


Level-based upgrades are utilized in the game, so the more races your cats participate in, the greater their level — from Regular to Legendary Nyan Cat. This gives you the opportunity to manually change your portfolio. For example, the Epic Nyan Cat will allow you to change 60% of your portfolio at level 1 and also give you a unique appearance and soundtrack.


The Team Behind the Game

You might be familiar with the team's first game — Ether Kingdoms, a game with mining, fighting, castle building, and other quirky features. Besides working on the Nyan Cat — a Wave blockchain-based game, the team is also working on releasing some long-awaited updates for Ether Kingdoms. At the end of Q3, they will reveal some mechanics and gameplay info for Ether Kingdoms 2 and we just can’t wait to play!


‘Nuff said, adopt a Nyan Cat and join the race!




*According to the Ether Kingdoms team, they've made a royalty agreement with the original creators of the Nyan Cat meme, so there will not be any copyright infringement. 

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