NFTs Era – Will New Dapp Twinci Be The One?

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People have long associated emotional and aesthetic value with physical goods, and are willing to pay a lot of money for them. Digital products, on the other hand, can not have similar value because they are easily copied, shared, and stolen. 



However, the NFT technology changed that, by creating a unique, official version as a digital product, allowing artists, musicians, and influencers to make more money.




A New Dapp with Adva ncements – ?


Twinci is a blockchain-based decentralized application, where people can create, sell and collect digital works that are kept safe by blockchain.



What Makes It Different?

  • Twinci Dapp aims to eliminate the technical barriers  (High cost of creating and buying on the Ethereum network) so that art creators can digitize their artwork into NFTs with the utmost ease.
  • With the construction of the Twinci platform on DRK Chain and Binance Smart Chain, the speed becomes faster, the cost to mint out 1 NFTs is cheaper, and members in the community do not have to spend too much money to own the NFTs they like.
  • Twinci wants to define the customer segments to be famous artists and their fan community, which can be done by verifying the artists with green ticks.



How to get started?


1. Get a crypto wallet

To create, buy and sell marble cards you need a crypto wallet. We use the chrome plug-in called MetaMask.

2. Create items and put on sale

Anything can be a potential item, it is up to you to decide which ones that are worth it.

3. Collect items and earn crypto

Created items automatically enter a public auction. Buy it or get rewarded if someone else buys it.


With all those great advancements, the new Dapp has an absolute chance to be the No. 1 destination for hunters of the world's most famous artists' works.




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