NFT Booming? NFT Sales Dropped More Than 50% Last Week

2021-04-26 09:50:00 · 7428 views · 4 min read


2020 is the year of DeFi. When it comes to 2021 this year, many people predict that it is the year of NFT. 



NFT has been booming since the beginning of 2021. Both NFT sale price and sale volume surge. However, it seems the NFT market is cooling down recently. The on-chain data tracked shows that in the past 7 days, NFT sales dropped over 50%. 


Here are the top NFT marketplaces’ stats.

The top 2 NFT marketplaces on Ethereum, CryptoPunks 7d volume dropped 45.77%, OpenSea dropped 46.17%. As for Binance Smart Chain’s 2 major NFT marketplaces, AirNFTs 7d volume dropped 57.31%, BakerySwap 7d volume dropped 84.91%.



Let’s review their 7d performance one by one.




CryptoPunks 7d Unique NFT Traders decreased by 45.12%. There were only 8 unique traders on 25th Apr. The 7d NFT trading volume dropped 45.77%. The daily volume dropped from $3.16M on 19th Apr to $45.44K on 25th Apr. The 7d NFT Trades Count dropped 61.22%. The trend continues to drop as seen from the above graph.





OpenSea 7d Unique NFT Traders dropped 33.31%. The daily NFT trading volume first increased to $2.39M on 22nd Apr, then decreased to $244.92K on 25th Apr. The NFT Trades Count had a similar trend, first increasing to 2.60K on 24th Apr then sharply decreasing to 662 on 25th Apr in just 1 day.




AirNFT is the top 1 NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain based on volume and users. 



Last week, AirNFTs daily Unique NFT Traders dropped from ATH 406 on 19th Apr to 85 on 25th Apr. 7d NFT Trading Volume decreased by 57.31%. The daily NFT trading volume also dramatically dropped from ATH $409.5K to $49.98K in 7 days. The daily NFT Trades Count dropped from ATH 398 to just 77 in the same period.



BakerySwap 7d NFT Trader Amount dropped by 54.98%. And the daily NFT traders decreased from 260 to 40 in the past 7 days. The 7d NFT trading volume sharply dropped 84.91%. The daily trading volume was $96.61K on 19th Apr, however, it dropped to just 943.78 at the end of the week. The 7d NFT Trades Count dropped 70.65%.

The 7d NFT Trading Volume in $BAKE experienced a tremendous 81.06% drop. On 19th Apr the volume was $68.04K, yet on 25th Apr it was only $767.30K.



Are you buying or selling NFTs in the market downturn?




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