4 Best New Dapps to Try This Week

2019-03-26 02:40:00 · 8792 views · 3 min read


Happy Tuesday! Hope you are enjoying this Airdrop season. Over the past 7 days, we have a total of 28 dapps join Dapp.com community, among them:

11 are Tron-based

7 are Ethereum-based

6 are EOS-based,

2 are Steem-based, 

and 2 from other blockchains. 

In this post, we'll talk about the 4 dapps that stood out to us the most. 


1. Radar Relay: Members of the cryptocurrency community interested in trading ERC-20 tokens are well served as there are a number of centralized and decentralized exchanges that facilitate the trading of Ethereum-based tokens. Radar Relay is another decentralized option that allows for the trustless trading of ERC-20 tokens via 0x Protocol. This wallet-to-wallet token trading platform, ensures traders to maintain control of their ERC-20 tokens while trading directly from their wallet. It also operates an order book and relays orders between peers while never holding any assets in custody.




2. PureWallet: The purest wallet is built by BitApp. It is committed to creating a safe and pure platform for crypto storage. No ads, no finance services, just one place that you can quietly, securely place your assets.  




3. TokenBB: TokenBB is a free, remotely hosted, Steem-based message board (forum) service that helps people create their own online communities. It rewards users who engage on it through posting, commenting and upvoting. You, as a forum owner, can earn a percentage of all the cryptocurrency rewards generated through the engagement in your community.




4. TronKnights: Tron Knights is an idle game with dividends, where players can recruit and train valiant mercenaries in order to produce as many Gems and Glory as possible. Gems get added to your in-game balance every hour automatically. Afterward, you are able to sell them from your Pouch for TRX and withdraw it directly to your wallet. All you need is at least one unit of knights in order to start producing Gems. Sounds too simple to be fun? Try it yourself! Build up your army, sell excessive Gems for TRX, and earn Glory for larger dividend payouts.




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