New Dapps of The Week | January 14, 2019

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Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a great time! Let's dive into the new dapps of the week.


1. Scripsio: If you ever curious about the name, “scripsio" is based on the Latin "scripsi", meaning "I have written" or "I wrote”. It shows their will of creating a social site that strives to allow for freedom of expression, honors your content as your own and uses the Steem blockchain to bolster the experience. The social media dapp is currently under development, and we can expect the Beta version to come out soon.



2. CryptantCrab: CryptantCrab is a Crypto game developed by award-winning game developer Appxplore (iCandy) that goes beyond just a collection game. It centers around artistically designed crabs that you can battle, mutate, collect and trade. What is impressive is that with over a million different possible combinations and the mutation system, players will have a hand in determining the look and powers of a Crab to create the ultimate CryptantCrab. Check out the Crab shop and get yourself a powerful crab, and hopefully, you can send it to fight in battle zones as early as in the first quarter of 2019.



3. Engrave: Engrave is a Steem-powered blogging platform where people can share their content freely, interact with readers, and gain rewards. It provides very simple but powerful blogging templates with integrated Steem accounts handling. Its value of simplicity makes the appearance of the site clear and beautiful. The integrated Theme system also allows bloggers to organize their blogs and reach their target audience more easily.



4. cXc Music: cXc Music is a map of music. It might be confusing when you first head over to their site. At first, you will just see a world map with many dots in different colors. However if you scroll around, hover over dots (songs), and click one to listen, you will see players, links to the artist's profiles, and icons linking to the song itself. It also offers a selection of Genres, Moods and Formats to help others find music. cXc Music is said to launch as an iPhone, Android, and web app in the coming summer.



5. The Magic Frog: Utilizing the Steem blockchain, this dapp takes you to take part in a collaborative story. Everyone can submit the next little piece of the story (about the Magic Frog and his Master Wizard) and the community decides every day, through voting, which part gets appended. You can therefore submit something every day. If your submission makes it into the story, you have a chance to win the story pot. The more you can contribute to the story, the higher your chances are. Needless to say, this dapp is full of fun.



6. Steem Ocean: Steam Ocean offers ranking tools which are based on analysis of the voting patterns of all users of the Steem ecosystem. Each user is awarded a ranking score based on their benevolence which gives a new way to get to know the people you meet on Steemit and other related sites. The vote ranks provide a way to see how your friends (and not friends) approach their use of Steem and in particular to see how willing they are to support others.


Explore more dapps here.

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