New Dapps of The Week | February 11, 2019

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Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a great time! Let's dive into the new dapps of the week.


1.'s service is pretty straightforward. If you have a document of which you want to know with 100% certainty that the contents have not been changed, tampered with or altered in any form, is the place where you can timestamp your file. By enabling you to store the fingerprint publicly on the Steem blockchain, can guarantee the integrity of the fingerprint of the file as how it was created at a given time by a given user. One of the coolest things about this dapp is that the fingerprinting happens without the need for you to upload your data. You can even disconnect from the Internet if you want. After you create a fingerprint, all you need is a Steem account to store your fingerprint. 




2. Pipo: Pipo is the first-ever platform where individuals (or pipsters) can go public just like companies do and attract investors. It aims to create a community where individuals can support those whom they believe in throughout their entire journey to success. If there’s an idea or a dream that you’d like to raise funds for, this is the place where you can do just that. Not just wealthy lenders, but also people like your best friend, colleagues, and mom can invest in you. Once you create your own profile and start your personal “IPO” project, you can also own a chatroom to interact with your investor. Believe it or not, this might be a perfect place to learn about a person’s inspirational success story. And with Pipo, you can show your support and become a part of his/her success.




3. Play2Win: Play2Win is a sports betting game built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of four sections - Folk games, Slots, Casino, and tournaments of Classic games between the players. All games are completely Autonomous and do not have specific algorithms to calculate the combinations. Winning or losing in Play2Win depends on your luck.




4. Share2steem: Have you ever imagined that it's time for your social media content to provide actual value more than just a showcase of your daily life? Built on the Steem Blockchain Steem, Share2Steem invites you to provide your social media content to reach the blockchain community in a simple and fast way. You can connect your social media account with Share2steem. By doing so, everything you share on social media will be automatically posted to your Steemit account. Wouldn’t it be great if you can turn your “Likes” into some actual money in the form of cryptocurrency?




5. Unlimited Power: Unlimited Tower is an on-chain battle SRPG Dapp powered by the EOS blockchain. It lets you form and upgrade your party consisted of unique monsters and servants. By defending your party equipped with the enhanced items and characters, you can increase your chance of becoming the final hero at the Unlimited Tower and win the rewards in real EOS. Currently this brand new game is still in its Pre-Registration Period. Don’t miss the chance of receiving the 3,000 UTGs (in-game tokens) and the limited edition of Panda!




6. EOS Tower: EOS Tower Game is a 1:1 PVP game where you can compete with other EOS users in a simple but addictive 1-min tower stacking mini game. It is fast and relaxing, you can play it on your way to work using EOS wallet app such as Imtoken, Tokenpocket, or you can open the game during a short break in office via Scatter on your desktop. When you win, you can take a portion of the opponent's entry fee in the form of EOS. You should never worry about losing money since you will still get PVP tokens even you lose the game. 



Explore more dapps here.

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