New Dapps of The Week | December 17, 2018

2018-12-17 10:07:24 · 1614 views · 2 min read

Hey everyone! The past week has been crazy (raise your hand if you had a crazy week too). We had more than 20 new dapp submissions and we managed to try out most of them. Although we are in a bear market, it has not affected all the builders to work on their projects. It is a good sign and we are very excited to see dapp is moving towards mass adoption.


From now on, the team will provide weekly reviews of the latest listed dapps for you. We truly believe that good projects deserve more attention from the community and we are here to help.


Here are some new dapps from last week for you to explore:


  1. Stixex: An Ethereum price prediction game, users can make choice of the next candlestick for the next 30 minutes from the BitFinex Ethereum price chart. The product design is clean and it is easy to understand. You will have to wait for about half an hour after the result come up to withdraw your ETH. So please be a little bit more patient.



  1. EvolutionLand: A virtual simulation game on Ethereum. It seems like a Decentraland with Pixel Master but less VR feature. You can purchase land and publish your content or image - a lot of lands were sold already. We see some ads from companies, including Huobi exchange. You can also “mine” resources by owning pieces of lands for the future use. EvolutionLand’s developer published a white paper to explain the future vision - building the “Oasis” in the movie Ready Player One. We haven’t figured out how to buy “lands” yet but we will definitely want to get a piece of land there.



  1. BitPonies: A crypto collectible Ponies racing game on Ethereum. We bet the team have spent a lot of effort on graphic design - it looks like the best horse/pony racing game so far. The racing system hasn’t launched yet, but it is worth keeping an eye on it.



  1. GoPony: A new Ethereum based game allows users to collect, bread, trade, and race ponies. You will need “Carrot” which is an ERC-20 token to feed ponies and enter races. There is regular race competition hosted in the game for users to win carrots. Basically, it is free to experience a race - The game offers a free pony and free carrots for new registered users.



  1. Coins and Steel: An upcoming multiplayer RPG that is built on Ethereum and Loom side chain. The design looks nice and the game offers a zero fee and zero gas fee, which is a great selling point for blockchain gamers. We don’t know when will be the game’s official launch date, but it’s a dapp that we should follow closely with. Also, Coins and Steel is having the weapon sales on OpenSea. You will be able to support the developer by joining the sales right now.



  1. Asterisma: Buy and own unique celestial blockchain constellations. All the constellations placed on the sections can be seen in the real world with the help of augmented reality, being close to their places the actual location of heaven in GEO-space and using the Asterisma mobile application. Users can buy constellations using “Star Coupon”. The platform is still under development but you can purchase “Star Coupon” with ETH.



  1. CryptoAssault: A Strategy war MMO (massively multiplayer online) game on Ethereum. Users get rewards by controlling territory in a huge, persistent world. The game is still under development, but you can buy in-game assets in the on-going presale now.



  1. WishStellar:  A joint artwork based on EOS blockchain. Users can create stars of various sizes in the night sky and put messages and wishes. Wanna make a wish on EOS? Try WishStellar.


      Explore more dapps here.


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