Companied with Cute Pet and Pixel Art, No More Loneliness during Lockdown - New Dapps

2020-05-11 21:56:50 · 5455 views · 3 min read


Feel bored and lonely during the COVID-19 lockdown? 



How you could have all the fun with blockchain! Get companied with your cute pets, raise crypto monsters and create your NFT pixel art. 



It’s our new dapps of the week



PetCompany: recruitment of companion animals

In PetCompany, you can claim various fun tasks for your pets. By completing these tasks, you’ll earn BPT as a salary. The salary is received through your PetCompany bank account and can be used to buy food, clothes, toys or other pet products.


Post and share pets’ cute moments and working experience! You can communicate and interact with your colleagues and fans in PetCompany, which will bring you companions, supports and joy.




EGGRYPTO: hatch eggs, collect and grow your own unique monsters


EGGRYPTO is a free and easy-to-play blockchain game with 3 game modes: hatching eggs, strengthening monsters and battling in quests. Among the total 57 cute monsters, 12 of them are Raremons - the unique and limited NFT monsters.



In Hatch, everyone has a chance to win a Raremon by simply checking the mini World Tree every day and cracking open a gold egg.



In Quest, the higher the difficulty level, the greater the chance of getting various kinds of Raremons.



Try to build a stronger party by strengthening, winning battles and get the rare monsters before other players!




Pixelchain: create 32x32 pixel art stored 100% on chain


Pixelchain is a decentralized app that allows users to create 32x32 pixel art and store it 100% on the blockchain, where it will live forever.



You can make full of your imagination by painting here. Every piece of artwork is unique and encoded into an ERC-721 token, which is a non-fungible token (NFT).


In the marketplace, you can appreciate and collect other users’ creative artworks.



Join Pixelchain now to start creating and collecting immutable pixel art!



Now you can have fun and get companied with the cuties and NFT art!

Enjoy more dapps here.



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