3 New Dapps with Colorful & Profitable NFTs to Enjoy for Your New Year

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What are your New Year’s wishes? Travel abroad? The lockdown finally ends, so you can go out to drink at a bar? Or you simply want to be rich? 



Well, these 3 new dapps we are going to introduce will make the 3 wishes come true, yet on the blockchain. And they all present colorful and profitable NFTs!




Doki Doki

Never traveled to Japan? Now you can experience the thrill of Japanese Gachapon anywhere in the world with Doki Doki and its flagship NFT product “DeGacha”. 

Have you played Gachapon (ガチャポン) before? It refers to the crazy popular Japanese vending-machine style game. You deposit coins to receive a capsule-ball containing a randomized collectible. 

Doki Doki is an NFT + DeFi project. The overall project presents a vintage vapor Japanese style.



Doki Doki has issued its own cryptocurrencies $DOKI and $AZUKI, which are tradable in Uniswap. $DOKI is the governance & revenue-sharing token of the ecosystem. If you own the tokens, you are part of the community and able to get your sharing of the DeGacha platform. $AZUKI is the secondary token. You can spend it to play the original Gachapon Machines and get authentic digital NFT collectibles.

DStake is used to distribute $DOKI via 4 different pools. You can stake your existing $DOKI tokens, $WBTC, $WETH, or Uniswap LP tokens obtained from adding liquidity to $DOKI / ETH pool, to earn $DOKI tokens. $AZUKI is farmed using $DOKI via four new pools: $DOKI Pool, $DOKI/ETH LP Pool, $AZUKI Pool, and $AZUKI/ETH Pool.



We’ve introduced a lot of NFT+DeFi projects before, you can check them all in this article: What’s Next After the DeFi Booming? NFT!




Kool Bar

Would you like a glass of cocktail to celebrate the coming of 2021? Get one for yourself at Kool Bar!

The Kool Bar includes NFT flavors of different rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Super Rare. Flavors are seasonal. For example, in season 1 you can have Green Apple Pump, Red Cherry Dump, Bitcoin Orange, Grapes of ETH, Banana Fomo, and more special edition NFTs. 

You can even mix them to get rare ones.



Similar to Doki Doki, the Kool Bar is also an NFT+DeFi project, powered by 2 tokens: $KOOL and $AID. $KOOL is the main token with the fixed supply tradable on Uniswap, while $AID is a supplementary inflationary token that can be farmed by staking KOOL and KOOL/ETH LP tokens. 



Progressing Today

This NFT project allows you to invest in real estate assets piece by piece.

Progressing Today is a project where every property will be split into a fixed number of NFTs.



If you buy a piece of NFT of a property, you are able to redeem, sell, and collect the interests of it. You can also vote on crucial decisions to be made on the property. 

Once the NFT sale in Progressing Today is complete and the purchase of property has been finalized, returns will be consistently distributed to NFT owners daily until the property has been sold. With blockchain technology, you do not need to wait for 30 days for bank transfers or deal with international bank wiring fees. Returns will be distributed in USD stablecoin to your Ethereum wallet.



All properties will be managed by local, experienced property management teams. 



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