2 New Dapps to Enjoy Unique NFTs and Private Transaction on Binance Smart Chain

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A collection of nine rare CryptoPunks sold for $16.9 million during an auction at Christie’s in New York on 12th May. Do you always want to own a punk, but it’s too late, as CryptoPunks are too expensive now? You don’t want to get a copy of punk but something special? 



The first new dapp we are going to introduce will provide you with a chance to get an affordable but truly unique punk on the Binance Smart Chain. Another new dapp will help you with private transactions on BSC so that you might become an NFT whale secretly.




Neural Punks: AI + Blockchain + NFT + Punks


Neural Punks is an AI generated CryptoPunks art on Binance Smart Chain. 



There are a total of 7777 AI NFT Punks. When you buy a Neural Punk you receive an AI Token which you can use for changing the name of your AI Punk! Neural Punks is not affiliated with Larva Labs, but inspired by the great influence of CryptoPunks in the crypto-art space.

The Neural Punks are created based on 10000 CryptoPunks as a dataset, 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU, a couple of StyleGAN2 AI models, 3 nights of coding, and a whole galaxy of inspiration and beer, RedBull, Vim... and also a quart of Solidity, a quart of JS, a case of Truffle and two web servers. With such a wide range of reference, the Neural Punks are full of diversity.



How to Mint Neural Punks?

It’s very easy to mint your own Neural Punks, because all the work is done by AI.

You just need to enter the amount of Neural Punks you want, and pay the bill. All the Neural Punks you mint are non-fungible tokens that are only and fully controlled by yourself, stored on the Binance Smart Chain. 



If you still want to own a CryptoPunk on the Ethereum blockchain, you can check our previous article for more information: How to Buy A CryptoPunk?



AI Punks Tokens

Every time you buy a Neural Punk NFT you will receive 5 AI Punks tokens which you can HODL, show to your friends, wait for a rocket to the Moon, or use them to change your Neural Punk's name!



Once the first tier closes, the project will add the liquidity of AI Token to PancakeSwap.




Typhoon Network: Privacy Transaction on BSC


Typhoon is a smart contract running on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to send private transactions between 2 wallets. 



When depositing money into Typhoon, you generate a random secret and submit a part of it (a hash) along with the assets into the smart contract. In order to then withdraw that deposit again, you need to provide cryptographic proof that you are indeed the owner of a secret to an unspent deposit. All without revealing the secret you hold to the public blockchain. 



How to Use It?

It’s quite simple to complete a private transaction via Typhoon. Just follow the 3 steps below:


$TYPH Tokens

Typhoon has launched with their $TYPH token mainly for these usages: 

  • Governance

  • Fee Claim - Typhoon charges a 0.1% fee on withdrawal. Token holders will be able to claim a share of those fees proportional to the amount of tokens they use to interact with the service for staking and governance votings.

  • Increasing Anonymity - If you provide funds to the Typhoon contracts, you’ll receive $TYPH rewards. Provided funds actively help with increasing the anonymity set and securing the usage of other users. 

  • Fee Reduction - The token will be used to reduce occurring fees when interacting with the Typhoon smart contracts and provided services.

  • Relayer Participation - Relayers are a mechanism to provide an extra step of anonymity when withdrawing. Instead of directly initiating a withdrawal from the users wallet, a third-party wallet is used. To get included as community relayer on the main site, it is required to hold a certain amount of $TYPH tokens to qualify. 


You can also stake your $TYPH tokens to earn more. 

There are currently 2 pools live: TYPH LaunchPool and TYPH-BNB-LP v2 pool. The highest APR is 177.82% for the later pool. 

The Typhoon Network dashboard indicates that the $TYPH token price has a high correlation with its social signal score. You can see from the graph above that the 2 curves move in a similar direction after the token launch in April. 



Besides, it’s important to track Typhoon’s on-chain users, volume and transactions to evaluate if the project is under a healthy operation.



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