Netflix and Spotify Alternative on the Blockchain

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We are not strange to the news that an artist disputes with his/her agency or a music platform because of copyright problems. Even famous artists could be caught in this trap.



Blockchain technology could bring a turnaround to this situation and empower both artists and fans.



Let’s have a look at these decentralized entertainment and music platforms that could be your alternative to Netflix and Spotify.




Netflix Alternative - Breaker


Breaker ranks NO.2 in Ethereum social dapps by 7d users. It's trying to be the agent of change and to evolve the entertainment industry with a decentralized ecosystem that empowers creators. Fans will also experience a richer, more diverse collection of original and classic content. 



It introduces a new, transparent way to distribute creative work by removing the gatekeepers who own the creators’ IPs. Artists of all kinds can create their own channels to distribute their content globally when fans can rent or buy content directly from artists. The content creators will get paid in real-time for each transaction, which is peer-to-peer between fans and artists, powered by smart contracts on the blockchain. 



Artists have no limitation or barrier to upload their works. And fans can watch, listen, and explore a broad range of original films, cinema classics, and music. Just like iTunes or Netflix built on the blockchain.



For example, you can stream the music documentary, Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records on Breaker app, which is available for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows. It’s a music documentary that tells the history of an iconic label Trojan Records and explores the power of music to break down cultural barriers and change lives, with a 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb. And there is more to explore and stream.




Spotify Alternative - Emanate


Emanate ranks NO.2 in EOS social dapps by 7d users. It seeks to create an ecosystem that instantly rewards artists and music lovers for their creative expression.



As an artist or a label owner, you can get paid at the exact same time as others are listening to your music with the support of blockchain technology. Edgy labels such as Mau5trap, Yunizon, World Famous HQ, and Medium Rare Records are already working with Emanate. 



It also holds music production competitions that reward artists both fame and money. The most recent one is co-founded with, a horse racing ecosystem that exists in a parallel universe to ours, well into the future. To participate, artists should imagine they live in 2060 in a VR gaming center in the underground of Tokyo, and produce a piece of audio suitable for that scene.



As a music lover, you’ll be able to support the artists when you listen to their music. And the subscription fee on Emanate is just $5.50 per month, while Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month. You can also influence and interact by sharing music and artists to the community, then get rewarded



No matter you’re a musician, an owner of a label, or just a music lover, you can get involved in the Emanate governance.



Built on EOS blockchain, Emanate in its alpha version has issued the $EMT token that can be used to govern Emanate. $EMT is listed on crypto exchanges like Newdex for users to buy and sell the tokens as needed.




Unconventional Music Dapp - cXc Music


The power of music is beyond language and culture. 



We enjoy the softness of Chanson though we don’t fully understand the lyrics, and we appreciate the greatness of opera though we can’t speak Italian. Fans from all over the world should have the opportunity to enjoy and support their beloved artists’ music.



So why not go over the boundaries and randomly look for new songs to listen to on a world map? 



cXc Music ranks NO.5 in Hive social dapps by 7d users. It is a map of music built on the blockchain. It visualizes the music as colorful dots and locates them on a world map, which offers artists and listeners a new way to connect on a global and local level.



Anyone can post on cXc Music without an account. Artists post music on the map and get more exposure; music lovers discover fresh music by wandering all over the world.



We’ve introduced cXc Music before. You can find out more about how to upload or explore music in this article: Relax At Your Tokenized Home, Swap Tokens and Explore Music All Over The World In One Click.



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