This AMM’s Trading Volume Surged 1,210% in March, Stimulating Its Token Price Up 630%

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Nerve is an automated market maker (AMM) specializing in trading stablecoins and pegged assets on Binance Smart Chain. team starts to follow Nerve Finance data at the beginning of March, and witness its social signal, users, volume data boom 🚀 in March, together with its $NRV token which up 630% in the past 30d.

Nerve's first pool is launching with a basket of $1-pegged stablecoins consisting of BUSD, USDT & USDC



Features of Nerve Finance:


  • Stake: Earn $NRV, Nerve Finance’s governance token, by providing liquidity to the Stablecoin 3Pool; Earn $NRV by providing liquidity to the NRV/BUSD pool on PancakeSwap. 

By staking NRV/BUSD Cake-LP, you can enjoy 2 parts of profits - NRV/BUSD Cake LP profits on PancakeSwap and the 407.36% APY on Nerve Finance. But compared to the stablecoin 3Pool staking, you need to bear the $NRV token price fluctuation. Higher risk, higher return, pretty fair.



  • xNRV: xNRV was created to stake NRV. Earn yield on your NRV by depositing it and staking xNRV.


In March, the $NRV token price surged 630% from below $1 to $6.29. The token price shows a high correlation with both Nerve Finance’s social signal score and on-chain data. You can see from the 4 charts below how close the NRV price curve relates to Nerve’s statistics.

Nerve’s 30d Unique Trader Amount hit 881 with a sharp increase of 491.28%.

The 30d Dex Trading Volume went up by 1210.92% to $331.84M.

A total of 30d 5.73K Trades happened in the past 30 days, dramatically increased by 1085.51%.

As for the Social Signal, it keeps rising since the project launched, and broke ATH on 11th Apr at 8,156.



Remember to watch Nerve’s on-chain data closely for your token analysis if you’d like to trade or stake NRV.




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