More Social Dapps, Yup or Nope?

2019-07-15 07:51:58 · 7563 views · 3 min read

Last week, we had 20 new dapps from various blockchains joining our community. Among them, 9 are TRON-based, 3 are Ethereum-based, 5 are EOS-based, and the remained 3 dapps are from Steem, IOST and other blockchain. The majority of the new dapps are gambling dapps, but there are some social dapps look fresh and interesting. We couldn’t help but wonder, do we need more social dapps? Or a better question, what we need in the next social dapp? 


Yup: Get paid to judge the internet. 

The new dapp Yup has been getting people’s attention, even though it is still an invite-only dapp and in the closed beta phase. Based on the EOS blockchain, Yup is a second layer social capital protocol that values quality content creation and curation through token rewards and an ad marketplace.


Yup shows you the social value of the content on the internet. It pays you to rate the internet — you can upvote or downvote all the content on the internet. If others vote is similar to you, you get paid by Yup. The Yup Google Chrome extension currently works on major social media sites, such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. Go sign up, request early access, and start feeling the power of giving out your opinion! 


nTOPAZ: A talent network on Steem

nTOPAZ is building a place for emerging artists and content creators to fund and build communities around their work. It’s a Steem-based platform and it's rebranded from “Artisteem”. In this online community, artists and content creators can share their work, sell merchandise, and get rewards, and others can vote and support their favorite artwork. nTOPAZ has a variety of rewards by offering their own TOPAZ tokens through the daily contest, online auction, “design-edition marketplace”, and more.


Humans: Create an independent profile on the web within minutes  

You’ve been sharing your Insta, Twitter, TikToc profiles with your friends, but do you really control those data? What if one of those social platforms shadowban you — trust us, it happens, and you must have done something right ;) And do you want to share your profile with your personal content, information, and identity that you truly own it? If so, maybe it’s time to try Humans.


Simply create your profile on Humans by login with your Blockstack ID first. Then you can edit and personalize the page, name, title, background image, and etc. Once created, your profile can be shared easily using the provided URL. And of course, you can also customize the URL and make it independent and available on your own domain (it does remind us of Tumblr!). 


For us at, we would love to see more social dapps are built for all the different aspects of our day to day life.


What blockchain social media are you using? And what’s your dream social media dapp look like? Feel free to leave the comment below! 

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