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Oh well, #DeleteFacebook was trending last week, again. 



Amid the busy clutter of modern life, we all try to find a balance between work and life as well as privacy and security. Why not regularly give yourself a little encouragement and try some new dapps to see how they might change your life? So, join the decentralized journey with us — thousands of fresh and handy dapps await you to check them out on every visit to, as does the experience of a modern lifestyle.


This week, we would like to introduce you to a private mood tracker, a Xero Invoice alternative, a blockchain-based pet community, and a dapp that helps you earn extra STEEM while typing. Let’s dive into these cool dapps — and we think you’ll like them.



Nomie: Your private mood tracker

We all love life tracking apps. We bet that almost everyone has an app or two on his / her phone that count calorie intake, analyze your spending habits, sleeping routines, and more. While keeping tracking of daily activities and habits can certainly make your life healthier, don’t forget the importance of monitoring our own emotions. 


Nomie is a decentralized mood and life tracker that helps you understand your own emotions (and sleep, meditation, sex… and literally anything else). On your Nomie dashboard, the data charts that give you a better idea of how you can control them. You can record your thoughts (aka data journal) and also you can create a custom tracker (how about“hug my cat”) too. 


The best part? Nomie is free and secure. It gives you the choice of how would you like to store your data — it can be either encrypted and stored in the cloud that powered by Blockstack, or stored on your device. Either way, no one can access your private data journal but you! 


“How are you feeling?”


X5 Invoice: Your secure invoice manager

As a new business or a freelancing work creating your first invoices can be daunting. With X5 Invoice — a free-to-use and web-based dapp, you can create, send, pay, and track professional invoices just in a few clicks.


Building on top of the Blockstack network, X5 Invoice allows users to take full control of their own personal and financial data, and make sure such highly private data won’t be taken advantage of by those large corporations. 


After logged in with your Blockstack ID, you can easily create and send an invoice. Also, you will be able to choose fiat and cryptocurrencies on X5 Invoice, it's pretty convenient for the one who has a crypto-based business.  


BlockPet: A pawvite community connects you with other furiends

For the pet lovers out there, BlockPet is the dapp that you shouldn’t miss.


BlockPet is a blockchain-based community and marketplace for owners and their furry friends, not only can you connect with your fellow pet owners, but you can also earn rewards for sharing and interacting with the community. 


BlockPet is based on the Klaytn blockchain and you can find the dapp now on Google Play and App Store. So, get ready to make some new pawsome furiends on BlockPet — both hooman and doggo (and maybe catto)!



TypeEarn: Type and earn money on Steem 

Are you a typing pro? Now you can earn some cryptos while mastering your skill! 


Although typing seems not as important as it once was, it remains a fundamental and essential skill for everyone who sees themselves working with a computer. Learning to type fast can help you in many ways, and with TypeEarn, you can even do more. 


Building on the Steem blockchain, TypeEarn is designed to make your typing practice fun and profitable. This dapp comes with a basic, but practical typing test tool, a sleek interface, and support for creating writing tasks (coming soon). You can maximize your reward by mining and holding TPC (Typecoin).



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